Sunday, September 18, 2011

Now that ISA is gone or replaced, can I?

Ok,credit must be given when it is due and I think our PM did the right thing to abolish this draconian,archaic or simply outdated act of ISA,and I really hope the new laws passed wil be good for the people and the nation.

May be our PM knew that he must be bold for reforms for Malaysia to succeed but then again in my opinion,there are still policies of the government of the day that are pushing our country backward,policies that are based on race and colors and not based on merits,excellence and one's woth.

I really hope that our PM,can be bold enough once again to revamp,to change,to do away with those policies that are stalling us from charging forward,,,,,,,quotas are reserved to be shared among the bests of the bests,not of color or race, opportunities are given to those who are truly deserving.

If our child is excellent enough to be a doctor,please don't give him other streams than medicine,please do not once again,let those "super brains" drain away,no parents want to be separated with their children one lah.

Note : I will still be voting for the REAL CHANGE and neither BN nor PR should claim credit for the abolishment of ISA,,, it is the Rakyat

P/S : Malaysia,,,,truly Malaysian and I am Malaysian first


  1. Not into I didn't think I would ever get arrested on that account. Whatever it is, politics anywhere is dirty - though some may be dirtier than others. As the proverb goes, "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely."

  2. Malaysia could have done much better if not for race-based politics. Looking forward to GE13.

    Have you registered to vote yet?

  3. Being apoltical is a form of politic.
    Politics are part of human nature.
    If you put two persons in a room there will be politics. If you put three in a room things start to get complicated very quickly.
    If we don't participate in politics we will be robbed blind by the politicians and the cronies.
    Look at Sarawak, the wealth and power of Tiab is so immense and so powerful even Najib is scared of him. The police and army are just his personal guard dogs.

  4. Politic pening kepala la. Anyway, it's being replaced but nobody know what is the new law and how it works. It could be the case of "jumping from a frying pan......" ....

  5. As my pastor said this morning.. we will have to wait and see... :)

  6. truly a malaysian, you me, and the rest of Malaysia's population. The government should appreciate that we are still here in the country, serving it while others have left it for better pastures

  7. Bananaz botakchek failed in spelling test always spelled politicks this way. The 'ticks' are all over..

  8. "If our child is excellent enough to be a doctor,please don't give him other streams than medicine". LOL I love this statement Eugene. Agreed with you raising my hands and legs up kekeke.