Thursday, August 04, 2011

I was once a boy too...son

How coincidental when I read a message from a old school mate of mine, posted on her Facebook wall,something like this," Asked him to study, he said tired and sleepy, asked him to play on line games, he can play the whole night" and i guess this is the normal angst of parents the present day.

Coincidental? Yes, because just last night, Jovial asked me if he could turn on his notebook to manage his on line games stuff "don't know what stuff lah?" the i told him,"son,do you know that you can't fiddle with your note book on school days as promised?" he nodded but then again he looked kind of dejected, then i inquired why did he have to do it,he said to update certain things, i asked again, what things, he said,"papa you don't know one lah"

"okay son, i really don't know much about online games but son I was once a boy too" then I asked, how long did he need to update the stuff, he said less than 10 minutes, then I gave in and he was happy and so was I.

Seriously I used to have loads of problems with Jovial as far as online games was concerned but now I am glad that I managed to handle it amicably with him and we are okay..

To me rules must be set but then again to me it is okay to give in a little here and there. As far as I am concerned, I will do my best to take my boys out for some physical activities like swimming and basketball in the evening, at least 3 times a week and they agreed.

I must also make sure that I don't go out in the evening, unless it is utmost necessary (except weekend) just to spend times with them and I must also see to it that I read before bed times as to get them into the habit of reading too.

I reckon, parents play a important role in mirroring how we want our children to be (my personal opinion) we can't really expect our children to be active physically when ourselves are not, we can't get our children to read more, if we are just too lazy to leaf through some pages.

Now, I can't really do my running in the evening because I've given those evenings to my children to take them out for activities, so I have to wake up at 5.30 am in lieu of the evening runs but I think it shall one day be worthwhile.

P/S : Son......I was once a boy too and I understand


  1. Many parents have gone through (or are experiencing) what your ex-schoolmate is going through now.

    Yeah, we were once young and rebellious :)

  2. boy... masturbate

    man... other masturbate

  3. I think it's okay to let them watch some movies or play some games in between, they need to release their tension too.
    Just make sure it's under control!

  4. when you were a boy, you don't have online games but to wait for friends to main guli.. now they wait for friends to go online and play games...

  5. Agreed with you! especially those kid 手不离机, there will be no eye contact with others...feel bad for that.


  6. least u hv quality time for yr boys. keep it up!

  7. yes you were a boy once, but those day did you get a notebook to update stuffs? no right? lol.
    anyway ,seriously rules once set should not be bend unless with a valid reason and not always.
    glad you make time for your children.these are the growing years(or pain) and we must be there for them.

  8. My girl also say last time not same like today...different things to play already... i also told her same thing.. "i was once your age too la" but she said times have changed.. mine is old fashioned.. outdated..
    what can u say to that?

  9. why don't u try to watch him play games every once in a while to understand a bit abt the game? I knew a paintball friend who will spent some time to bring his 9 year old daughter and 14 year old son to the internet cafe to play games once in a while. His Kids got computer, xbox games at home but they only to play during weekends, and they certainly enjoyed having their dad to play with them (dad's already 40+). =)

  10. To me, there must be a balance. if he finished his revisions/studies, why not?

    Even when working, I m fbooking, reading blogs...this is one type of entertainment too... We are not born robots!!

  11. Can't help linking this song by Paul Anka..♫I'm just a lonely boy, lonely and blue I'm all alone with
    nothin' to do..♫ computer, no nintendo, no facebook..hahaha

  12. I can't wake up at 5.30am even if my life depended upon it!

    Race days on the other hand will see me awake as early as 4am! LOL!

  13. Tell ur boy that he should know he's time management. Like never cook a dishes which will be ready in 2hrs or grow a veggie which will be harvest at the time he is not suppose to be online. LOL! :P

  14. You are a good father... Your children are so blessed!