Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For the future of our children

Kami tidak kisah jika pihak Menteri menganggap kami ibu bapa bodoh dan mudah ditipu tetapi kami mohon di hari baik dan bulan baik Ramadan ini, janganlah memperjudikan masa depan anak-anak bangsa kita dengan retorik perjuangan bahasa.

Begitu juga dengan ilmu sains dan matematik. lingua francanya adalah Bahasa Inggeris. Tidak mungkin kita menjadi ilmuan tinggi dalam bidang ini dalam Bahasa Melayu. Setakat jadi juara kampong bolehlah.

The above is the excerpt taken from the statement by the deputy chairman of PAGE,(Parent Action Group for Education) Mr Sulaiman Mahran, the group wants the teaching of Science and Math to continue to be taught in English.

I am glad that the above statement came from a Sulaiman, if it were to be from Ah Beng or Samy,then it will be construed as being racist,being putting down the supremacy of Bahasa Malaysia and act of treason to Bahasa Malaysia.

Come January 2012,thousand of students will be taken a ride back to the "future", sorry did I say "future" it should be aptly called as reverse from the "future" when the subjects of Sceince and Math will be taught once again in BM.

This is nothing new about the ever flip-flopping of our eduction policies,at one time implemented, the next minute rescinded, I can only pray that our children's future will not be wagered by our policy makers.

Q) As a parent,do you prefer Science and Math to be taught in English or BM?

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  1. I still prefer science n maths in english although my english level is not that good. I think its easier for students to find infos n books because mostly they're in english and they will not have culture shock (like I did) when they study in uni. And 6 years is a very short time to see the real result..

  2. those umno politian dont care for the future generation. they are only interested to stay in power and are willing even to destroy the country. let's hope for the wind of change come the 13GE.
    Our education really need a reramp.Our standard are really way behind our next door neighhour.

  3. Say what they want, do what they want - the teachers here will just teach using Mandarin. "Woe mern sher hua ren!" they will say.

    The exam in BM or English? No problem? Our hua ren students good at memorising and vomitting out everything in the exams and scoring straightA's.

    Then with their excellent results, when they cannot secure a scholarsip as unable to converse in English or BM at interviews (and they seem SO stupid, so ignorant as they do not seem to know the simplest things - all memorised, all forgotten already), they blame the government...

    Same old story - year in, year an old broken-down record. Boring!!

  4. Surely in doubt about that!! My eldest son went through quite a tough time when he had to take his foundation in English when all his maths subjects were in malay then... he said he has to do the translation mentally.. hahaha...

  5. of course Eng..I had taught science in eng before..interesting.

  6. I prefer it teaching in English too.

  7. Actually, for the Chinese schools, not having Math and Science in English merely means the dropping of two subjects as they continued to learn both Math and Science in English as well as Chinese. It is the Kebangsaan school which has to suffer from the change from BM to English back to BM. Sigh. I prefer it in English because it makes it easier for me to coach my children.

  8. My friend conducts home tuition for Chemistry, Biology and Physics. She explained that all the extra info and research has to be done through internet which is only available in English and even Korean & Japanese! BM is not available.

  9. I prefer every subjects are taught in English, except only language subjects

  10. Most politicians do what they want
    to stay in power, especially ours.
    In Malaysia as in most 3rd world countries the politicians can manipulate its citizens very easily via money, fasle propoganda and intimidation.