Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Erstwhile Rival..................

As I was walking to see my customer inside the premise of Penang International Airport,there was this guy who looked very familiar to me,in a jiffy, I could not figure who he was though.

I walked pass him,(still could not recall who he was)without saying hi and as I walked to my customer's office,suddenly I realized who he was exactly.He was the one,who challenged me for loads of fight,the exact one,who would never give me pleasant look and the one who regarded me as his worst nemesis,simply because I snitched his girlfriend from him.

I did not snatch the girl and make her mine,I was young,she was hot,I was cool, I made my move,she fell for the groove and who cared if she was taken and viola,we were an item and that was almost 20 years ago.

As I came out from my customer's office,he was still there,I was thinking,could i just say hi to him for old time's sake,or just ignore him,in the end,I chose to work on the former.

As I moved closer,suddenly the guilt feeling surfaced and my heart pounded faster that I had to hiss my breaths to calm myself down but I still managed to call out to him,"Hey Yong, remember me?"

His response was far off than I could expect,he was so very nice to me,unlike 20 over years ago,those looks that as if wanted me killed.It was such a welcome ice-breaker,we both were asking,had anyone of us met our "girl" after all these years,we both conceded no.

I was happy that I had made Yong my friend now and as I told him that I really had to go,he was so eager to hold me for a little longer but I really could not and before I could take out my business card so that we could keep in touch, he was quicker than I was.

He passed me his business card and eagerly he said that we must really keep in touch,and I was so happy,judging from his eagerness,I said sure and I exchanged my business card as well.

As I walked to get my car,I was feeling so happy about the whole "bump into" and as I took a look at his card......"Victor Yong,.Financial Planner, representing XXXX company" Need i say more?

P/S : The not so really McCoy...


  1. Give him the benefit of doubt first. People change. He could be for the better right...who knows he damn sincere...

  2. Imagine your sons like you when you were young - fighting, stealing others' girlfriends... Tsk! Tsk!

  3. Ya...people grow up, people mature... Of course, not like the time when they were young and foolish. What does he look like? Looks young or old, handsome or not...compared to you? Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. 20 years ago.. u were just a young boy then? heheehe... treat it as a puppy love ... dont think he still "lau" u cos u didnt marry the girl after all.. hehee...

  5. Maybe he changed and hold no grudge.

    Or maybe because he is a financial planner. Everyone even an erstwhile rival can be a prospective customer.


  6. LOL...well at least it will be one less enermy

  7. May the best man win and victory is yours but his Victor is just name sake. Put it the other way round if that guy 'stole' your wife and wrecked your family and after 20 years will you still say hi to him?

  8. You are such a gentleman and sure anyone would love to be your friend. I had my share of fights over silly convent girls. Of course I won! lansi... LOL

  9. haha. oh to be young again. I like your phrase "I was young,she was hot,I was cool, I made my move,she fell for the groove and who cared if she was taken "

    Time heals everything.. :) but probably he had an ulterior motive judging from his business card. Haha. Anyway glad to see you guys have left the past behind you :)

  10. 20 years is a long time and you guys were young then and maybe a bit of a rebel. It's good to let bygone be bygones and renew friendship.Better gain a friend then make another enemy right?

  11. Only because of loving the same woman made you guys an enemy before, now both of you were not with the same woman], so making friend isn't a problem anymore. hahahahah!

  12. Well, the best man gets the girl *poor victor*

    But I guess your ex found her bestest man afterward :p And you of course got your lovely wife.

    I agree your erstwhile rival has his motive behind the name card, hehe...

  13. Hahaha... no wonder he so friendly to you... : )

  14. Hai ya, that was long long time ago and old story. No grudge after all those years. hahaha! He does sound more eager to meet up with you. Lol!

  15. Good thing you decided to say hello. You've gained a friend :)

  16. Hi Eugene, very interesting, and yes, I guess he had learned to forgive and forget....that its all fair in love and in war.
    In other words, he is a gentleman.
    Well done, is always us who have to make the first move, no matter the circumstances or consequences.
    Have a nice day, best regards.

  17. LOL... after all you hv become friend again, I don't think he really mean Biz lar, I reckon it's really precious to meet some old friends from the past!

  18. ur nemesis ey? haha... nowadays when i bump into mine i'll just say hi and go... but some really remember about all the fights we had last time... sigh~

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey