Friday, July 15, 2011

Untie Ooi,,,,,,,,,i owe you once

She is the contrast and the opposite to the many of us.........why?

1) She walked about 10 km because the bus she took was cordoned off from entering into the city, many of us not even her age would have turned back.

2) She did not walk to be taken notice of or to be heralded as an Icon but she walked.

3)She did not fizzle out in the face of intimidation, when the police asked her why she wore "YELLOW, she asked back,"why can't wear yellow?

4)She did not walk fully geared,face mask or anything high tech, she just walked with a towel and a bottle of water and her waist pouch but she walked.

To me, this Aunite Ooi is truly a symbol of 1Malaysia...........i am sure she did not walk for her race alone, for her family, for her children or grandchildren, she walked for a better Malaysia, for you and for me.

I once asked a friend who complained so much about the gomen, i asked him how many had he voted, he answered," not yet registered as a voter yet"

P/S : Change cannot happen by talking


  1. That's the trouble with many - making lots of noise but not even registered...much less go and vote. Likewise, if you ask many at the rally, what the 8-point demands are, they would not know. Instead of a peaceful rally, they saw it as an anti-government protest. Ignorance is bliss...or a little learning is a dangerous thing?

    How old is the lady? I read somewhere she's 65...5 years older than me.

  2. haiz...empty vase makes the most noise. talk so much but never register to vote. Really pengsan

    The principle of the rally is good. But just to bad some turned it into a circus.

    Saw some very unnerving posts in FB. Some of them are twisting this into religious issue.

  3. Sometimes it is truly a wonder. How determination can bring someone so far.

    Aunty Ooi showed us that there if we work together, there is hope.

    Salute Aunty Ooi. You have truly earned our respect and gratitude.

  4. I must admit I stopped my hubby from joining because I was worried of tear gas. Furthermore, I just have no faith in gomen, can't foresee what actions they'll take. So we wore yellow on that they to show our support. Truly salute those who joined.

  5. This is our lady of liberty, salute and respect her!

  6. to the Lady of Liberty.. her respectable spirit is something we can clearly see..

  7. Yes, young or old, we should not be intimidated by government. We voted them into power and we should be able to take them out or it will not be democratic. Our government should stop all the scare tactics.
    One desperate thing they might try is to cut off all internet and mobile phone networks in the name of saving Malaysia.

  8. I salute Auntie Ooi.

    I do not have her gumption.

    It is sad that any the people wants to raise matters by rallies, they are viewed as anti government.

    If rallies are not our way (as politicians are wont to say), is being corrupted our way?

  9. Your "Untie" Ooi and "Aunite" Ooi has its own double meaning to un-tie our knots for the last donkeys years and A-unite for all Malaysians. We hear you loud and clear.

  10. Ya really salute her, Aunty Anne.

  11. Heard alot about her, salute!

  12. She's an AWESOME lady! When we believe in what we're fighting for, age or distance is of no concern. Kudo's auntie!

    Yes people, PLEASE go register as a voter if you haven't already done so and PLEASE vote for whom you think will best serve you and this country. Vote wisely.

  13. I was voted twice and the first time I really innocent and not sure this vote will make a change to us as malaysian. 2008 I realised what was the election mean and I watched the TV that life show when they opened our ticket. I was wondered why Penang small island take so long to open and than I realised....... I have made the correct choice!

  14. Salute Auntie Ooi, must really learn frm her endurance and go-getter spirit!