Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Regret.....I have a few

When you were young, when you had money to splash, when you thought your wealth would bring you the clout the do what you would like.........fast forward may be after 15 or 20 years now the road.......you sigh and you were telling yourself, i should not have done all that....the story goes............

I was at a coffee shop with my lovely wife and we stumbled upon our old neigbour,"Albert", he was alone, we chatted for a while and he was the reason i wrote this here and may be to even serve as an reminder to myself.......regret,sometimes you can't even afford to have one.

Albert was once a rich "taukeh" (boss) running a car repair workshop mainly catering to those damaged cars from accidents and helping them to claim insurance and what not, back then this business was like "get rich quick" so money was not a problem for Albert.

He would leave his wife and his two younger children at home, he would go out every night, song , wine and women were to be in appetizer, main course and dessert on top of his dinner.....and with so much money to dispense, he got into gambling.......horse racing and that really caused his downfall.

The word "downfall" is suffice to describe the present 60 years old "Albert" the whole family has forsaken him many years ago, he was not even invited to his only son's wedding, can't even see his only grandson, living alone in a flat,left behind by his brother (thank god he still got a roof over his head)

At 60 years old, he still has to work in a car repair shop with inconsistent income, and may be the regrets were too overwhelming to him,he eventually quit drinking, smoking and gambling but he still cannot redeem himself from the faults he had done to his family..ditto

In life, we can be tempted by many many thing, girls,unethical business deals that will garner us ill gotten wealth and even the so called enjoyment that will entrap us into addiction that will eventually get us more regrets in later part of our lives........

Sometimes i really think i am poor but then again i know i am always and forever will be rich in HIM.

P/S : Regret should not be a word in itself,if we know how to begin with the end in mind


  1. I agree wtih you bro.. sometimes we might be poor, but we are rich in HIM. If everyone will ever think of the consequences before acting 'big', there be less regrets in time.. hope your friend will be able to seek forgiveness from HIM and his family member

  2. Hi bro..At my age, it is natural to think back the years of my youth and the life I had, the mistakes I made and the success I've achieved. Any regrets, oh yes...but thank God that I have moved on and has not look back but continue to look forward, rectifying whatever mistakes that I have made and hopefully, living the next 20 years with fewer regrets ...Have a good week ahead.

  3. each of us have a colourful past i presume.. i dare not say that i dont have..only that it is different colours.. but then.. grace brought us back to where we should be.. thank God for that..

  4. I agree with you. Regardless of our belief, our faith in God will not lead us astray.

  5. We are mere human and we tend to make some mistakes in our life. Good thing is, to realize the mistake and not repeating it.

    Thanks for this reminder, Eugene.

  6. Some people may succeed and become very rich even without an education but they always destroy all they have worked for by indulging in all the vices. Maybe it is due to the lack of education - both school and home. Very sad but it happens all the time...here, there and everywhere. Always think of the future...for when it comes, it will be too late for regrets.

  7. Regrets I have a few, but then again too few to mention. so the song goes. we all have our little regrets I guess. careless spending etc..
    being rich does not have to means a fat account in the bank. your family, your heath ,count your blessings.above all in HIM. being content with what we have. that is riches beyond richess.

  8. again well said.. gotta be careful how we spend from young

  9. Too many people take things for granted, and that's how people would have regreted. Me too, regret for a few things in my life. I have learned from it, and not to take things for granted anymore.

  10. we do regret but no point thinking about it..life goes on.

  11. We all have our ups and downs..but I always prefer the ups..ehhe

  12. Life sure has its ups and downs, sometimes we made decisions we regret, or hurt those people we love, but most important is, to always remember and not repeat the same mistake!

  13. I read a lot of stories like this... and that's why people always, always say that being rich does not provide total happiness... Whatever it is, it's up to the person himself whether he realises that he needs to change. When will a person realise that is another question.

  14. god reflection in life, sometimes came in too lates. but whatever it is, he has a good reason.

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  15. Jessie J's song price tag... Money can't buy you happiness...

    I think most of us really need to learn the art of contentment. Be happy with what we have now and cherish it always.

    At the same time we do the best we can in everything that we do... our work... or study... for sure we will get the best result from that.

    You cherish everything you have now and you do your best in order to provide the best for them also.

    One of the key, to be success in your career and as a family...