Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Remembering their goodness

You know i am always thankful that not only i have got a wonderful wife,(not that i have many) but i have also got a couple of wonderful parent in law.

But whenever i try to trumpet my blessing in term of having a couple of wonderful parent in law to my friends,one uniformed comment will always surface such like this, incredulously they would say,"Ya , Eugene sure you can say you have got wonderful parent in laws, just because you don't stay under the same roof with them, wait till you stay under the same roof,then let's see you can still proclaim that you got a couple of wonderful in laws"

I am always mum by their comment and i really wonder could i really be saying otherwise if i were to be living under the same roof with my in laws.

I remember many years ago, i was a "best man" to my good buddy on his wedding, we kind of lost touch along the way, when i finally met up with him, he told me he moved out from his mother's house and bought an apartment so to save his marriage,only after three years.

May be i am truly blessed having a couple of wonderful parent in laws and they live like some few hundred kilometers away.

My wonderful father in law, truly he is

P/S : Guess we are all human


  1. Depends on people, some want more privacy. I couldn't say it's a gewd thing living with parents/in law after got married, but gathering is owez gewd.

  2. I heard the same thing too! To be honest, somehow living together could really bring some inconveniences... I'm currently staying with my in laws and so far, everything still under control and still bearable, LOL :)
    Anyway, I'll be moving out some times later =)
    Hope you're having a great morning Eugene~

  3. I am the one who is difficult to get along. So I opt for not staying with my PIL. I also say my PIL are wonder, as long as we don't stay together. Kiahahahah.

  4. My missus could not get along with my family too so we moved out to stay on our own. They're o.k. as long as they do not live together. Perhaps it's a woman thing - I'm o.k. with my in-laws.

  5. There were some hiccups between my in-laws and I when we lived together. But after moved out we are ok now.

    I blame it to our difference in upbringing...

  6. I think men can stay without causing a war with wife' parents compared to the wife staying with the husband's parents.. hahaha....

  7. LOL! I seldom heard people proud of having their in laws and love them so much, you are the 1st one peculiar friend... kudos(it's actually a compliment!);D

  8. We just have to give and takes, sometimes. I've been staying with my in laws for about 5 years already and glad to say that there is not much of a problems. Maybe I'm blessed with good in laws!

  9. It takes two to tango, so I believe you must be a great son-in-law.

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Eugene. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  10. i was a difficult person to live with, but staying with my in-laws taught me to be humble, have more patience and respectful. im not sure what will happen if we stay in longer terms, but i do love my mother in law very much. we understand each other very well. I thank God for this blessing.