Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You might think it's stupid but it's happening......

I was browsing through internet i stumbled upon a piece of news that talked about something which blew my mind the other day, not mentioning which one,lest you get excited about it further but rather i am here to share briefly how smartly we have gone so sinfully intelligent, don't get what this is ? hear this.

There is a certain woman organization some where in the "white land" came up with a brilliant idea.just one idea to having a lasting marriage and be sexually fulfilled as far as married women are concerned, their well thought of device is for married women to..............

To allow their husbands to have a fling or two outside their marital domain, to let the husbands taste the forbidden fruit,(this fruit is referred to as after marriage not otherwise though) so that the husbands can...............i am not propagating this outrageous scheme so their reasons for doing this should not be amplified here or to even debate over.

What have we really become, really? you can be agnostic or atheist, it is ok for one day you might just come back to the MAKER, but to orchestrate a scheme such as this, with the pretext to maintaining a good marriage i think it is devilish act, don't you agree?

In this time of age, we are so stressed out and it is the most conducive time for the devils to work up their devices, we tend to believe those stuffs that are so convincing to us, so we look up to these organizations, to these masters or even to these religiously inclined to fulfill our void.

In yesterday's Star paper we would have read about one religious guru admitting in having sex with 20 women, it would even blow your mind, how one disciple of this guru was willing to pay millions to cover his scandals......period.

P/S : When you're hungry.LOVE will keep us alive...................


  1. Remember...the forbidden fruit was the downfall of Man!

  2. it prove that ..whoever tend to do mistake. even she/he guru or not

  3. The previous post brought about some lyrics.. even STP wrote The Way We Were...
    this one.. let me write out.. Love Will Keep Us Together.. by Captain something, right?
    Love..love will keep us together..
    Think of me wherever.. (after that, cannot remember) hahaha...

  4. Those religion is simply misleading...=_=

  5. to cont on STP...the forbidden fruit was the downfall of Man and Woman.

  6. an apple a day, keeps the doctor away..

  7. what idiocy is this! i can't believe what this world has come to, and what the world will become when our kids grow up! it's legalizing sin, and letting the hub or spouse taste the forbidden food does NOT guarantee happy marriage, maybe even wrecking the marriage.

  8. This is outrageous and will never happen to me..hehe..actually the worl is getting mad, only thru GOD alone that you might save yourself from this.

  9. Really sick!! That isn't right, what kind of guru? Insane one!
    Love the quote you posted below btw :) Have a nice day ahead and GBU Uncle ^^

  10. That is why the most important lesson in life is for the elders to teach the young ones to differentiate what is morally right/wrong and follow the right path. Anyway, a crazy man will always say that he is not crazy.

  11. Some couples believe in co-habitation prior to marriage as it gives them the chance to know each other better. You don't like your partner, you can't get along with them, you leave. No obligations.

    Others believe in getting married first, then try to sort things out but then, there's a higher possibility that many of such marriages don't turn out well.

    HOWEVER, being legally married, and allowing your spouse to copulate with others to sustain a marriage is undescribable. It just shows that these people don't marry for love... and don't know how to make love or sustain it.

  12. outrageous! .... no even going to comment on that org.