Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She is a wonderful woman..............................

I was so glued to the TV watching the live coverage of tennis Australian Open the other day,( I Love Tennis) and was oblivious of my lovely wife coming home from work, when i took notice of her she was already in the kitchen preparing dinner for the family and i felt bad.

I have to say it once again, it is never easy being a working moms, they have more worries then men do.They have to worry about the children home works, the house chores, have to be mindful of the husband's mood swing, the entire family well being and the least they could be worrying about is their own self.

Taking my lovely wife for an example, from 9 to 5, she is out there working, facing the customers, (some reasonable some otherwise), she has to make sure her subordinates perform well too and the most tiring of all is that is she always being inundated with emails she has to reply.

As soon as she comes back, she heads straight to the kitchen with part of her working attire still on, preparing dinner,after which assuming her role as a home tutor, teaching the children,when finished she will be damned tired already...........

Just imagine this, besides those that i have mentioned and if she still has to do chores like cleaning up, washing, ironing the clothes and others, just think for a while how very physical draining it could be to her, right?

I know many of my lady friends who rarely complain about how tired they are to their husband being a working mom,may be to them they rather take it upon themselves than to vend it a little here and there to their spouse lest provoke their woes.

When i saw my wife last night,doing her stuff, i knew how wonderful she was even she didn't say it. I felt bad the other night, i was glued to the TV watching the live coverage of tennis Australian Open and guess what she knew that i loved tennis, she didn't even bother me.

I might not be doing enough by cleaning up the house, washing and ironing the clothes, i must also make her feel at ease emotionally and mentally.

This post is intended to remind us and myself (husband) that we should appreciate our the other halves (wife) all the times, they might not be telling us that they are tired, we should just feel it.Period

P/S : She's not saying it, does not mean she's not feeling it


  1. Yes Yes Yes, you are so right again, Eugene... haha wish more men out there feels the same as you, in appreciating their wives! Already being a SAHM I thought is hard, and tired until the kids sleep nearing midnight, no mood after that for anything else *wink*... you wife is very patient and a strong lady.

    Some working women dont borther abt their family wellfare or house chores because they have other family support or live in maids, they are not even hands-on when their young kids fall sick, but rather let the grandparents or bbsitter handle.

    A women, who can juggle work, housechores, husband, kids is definitely one to respect and love even more.

  2. Thank you, as I am one of the full time working moms. Thank goodness my husband does help me on the cleaning and home tutoring.

  3. that's the typical life of a FTWM, what to do.. we are born 'women', we have are 'tahan lasak'. I once asked my hubs what he wants to be in his next or woman. Undoubtly - MAN! :)
    wishing you and your family a blessed lunar new year :)

  4. I'm a working mother, too, as you know. I don't have a maid nor live-in parents / in-laws to help around the house. Thanks for the acknowledgement, Eugene.

    I like to think that such woman (including yours and I, hehe) is one tough and independent lady, not just wonderful....

  5. aww Eugene! U r such a lovely husband! and a good dad too :D

  6. You have a wonderful wife! Give her a BIG ang pao to buy new clothes and all the things she loves for Chinese New Year...

  7. you're blessed, Eugene. Your family is blessed. While other people are struggling in their relationship, your years of marriage has brought you and your family closer together.

  8. It seem that I am able to write here..not blocked. We should be thankful for having a hardworking wife, and to make sure that we give her all the supports that she needs.:))

  9. You are also a wonderful husband, they are only a few left that are as good as you do.

  10. If every men in the world feels like you, then the world will be very peaceful lo... ;)
    Have a great day Eugene!

  11. Eugene you're right, it's not easy being a working mom so salute and thumbs up to your wifey and all working moms!

  12. yeah Eugene,
    we must appreciate our unpaid "maid" dont we.? They are not just wonderful, they are superwomen, after their stressful work at the office, and still able to switch role to wife and mother at home.
    So we do what we can to help at home and once in a while give them a break, give her a day off, eat out!

  13. Yeah! Husbands nowadays have to help our wives. In fact we should be the one do everything instead. :p

  14. Well... at least she has a great husband like you!;D