Monday, December 27, 2010

Your advice,your opinions, anyone?

I was talking with my lovely wife the other day and we were like thinking of changing our gas induction cooking hob to the electric cooking hob but i really don't want to rush into buying things which i might regret later, so i need your advice and your opinion.

Anyone of you out there are currently using the electronic cooking hobs, what are the advantages as opposed to the gas induction hobs? Is the electronic cooking hob really energy efficient? What are the good brands out there?

In your opinion, is the price for a electric cooking hob of about RM3000 worth its value?

Are there any electrical cooking appliances can replace both the electronic and gas cooking hobs?

Note: We are not heavy cooking hobs user,,Monday to Friday,dinner only.... boiling water for milk..Saturday and Sunday cook more.

P/S : When i hear from you, i am saved from wrong decision


  1. i have no experience but would be happy if you post the pros and cons and your decision. i can hop on it :p

  2. I wanted to buy this too...but I am like you...clueless. :D

  3. Well, i can tell you this much, bro. I decided against buying one. The only advantage is that you don't smell the gas and you don't have to worry about being out of gas.

    Save energy? My foot. It consumes tonnes of energy, and not to mention possible exposure to radiation (if you buy a ciplak brand). You'll end up spending more on electricity.

    If you want convenience and pollution-free cooking, then go get it.

    No sir, I won't consider buying one yet... not in the near future.

  4. Now this is interesting. Please keep us updated. What Kev said has its own point and I do believe it wont save much electricity and not quite sure about the radiation thing.

    Woops just keep us updated about the pros and cons :D thanks

  5. I am using electronic cooker now, SENZ is the brand I bought. For me, hubby had a bad experience with gas cooker which causes him injured, and that time Bomba came to my house due to the small explosion. So when we move into the new house, we think safety come first, and we dun wanna to repeat old incident. So although the price is abit expensive for the electronic cooker, but we still go ahead for far the cooker is very good, easy to use and enough "foh hao" :)

    1. Hi, hows you SENZ cooker? isit good? what about the hood?

  6. It sure beats changing gas tanks when it run out of gas and looking for the number to call the gas man. I am using one make either in china or taiwan which my son got at his company's annual dinner luckly draw. It's really easy to us and convenient. I think the popular brand seen at the shopping mall is sugawa.Anyway you can check around for other brands and compare the prices before buying.

  7. I also want to know the advantages..

  8. Hi Eugene!!
    First thing's first - Merry christmas to you and all at home. Hope you had/are having a nice one.
    I've got an electric range cooker, the one with 5 hobs, two ovens and a grill. Mine's also a glass top so it's very easy to clean. I have to say, it's a very good cooker and I'm very happy with it - heats up in no time, wipe clean for those careless spillage and yes, no gas smell.
    The only thing is it might not be able to compete with the heat you need for stir frying as the heat is concentrated on the rings so it will just heat the bottom of your wok and not the sides. And, you will have to check which pots and pans can go on yours as they only take specialise ones and of course, they have to be flat bottomed.
    Saying that, I'd never change mine in a million years as I think the advantages outweighs the little niggles.
    Hope this helps. Let us know what you and your wife decided and let's have a pic of it too!!

    Have a blessed new year 2011!


  9. Electric hob is good but if no electricity, you cannot cook..ehhe

  10. i have NO idea.. i'm da type who likes to have BIG fire when cooking.. Big fry.. u know? induction cooker wont do it for me :D

  11. What's the reason for not using gas?

    Economical wise, gas still cheaper. I would suggest, do not change. just get an induction hob. (less than RM300) That is good enough. It can cook one dish at a time n no multi-tasking.

  12. Oops catch no ball??Sorry no input from Bananaz. One gas tank last a year so you can guess & count the number of times its turned on. Am learning bit by bit from here also. tQ

  13. I got piped gas which never runs out , convenience for me as I'm a heavy user.Gas is much cheaper than electric, that's one reason why I stick to gas when I re-modeled my kitchen a few years ago.

  14. Im working on interior design and construction line so i got to know a bit of this.

    electric hob will not save energy. Anything that uses electricity to generate heat uses alot of electricity. Plus we Malaysian goreng gorent stuff alot. So gas will still be the best for us.

    PS: Fagor and Panasonic will be worth the money =)

  15. Ha Ha , if you use electrical range, it is all down hill from there. Next you will only cook with microwave.
    Well, if you want real cooking you go with gas. You will never find a REAL restaurant with electric range.

  16. Just bought the Sugawa induction cooker. Deepest regret in my life! Was given 'free' pots n air fryer. The pots burned on the first attempt. Left cooker , pot must be flat on surface otherwise it cannot detect n the stove remained cold. Right cooker I tried to steam food this morning, took almost half an hour, the water is semi boil. My food was semi hot so I decided just to pack it anyway. Lunch, the food was rancid!
    Please do not rush into buying things. Induction cooker I used the one my aunt has in NZ excellent but I don't know what brand. The Sugawa is a big disappointment! Imagine paying rm3200!!!