Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Parent's Angst

You must agree with me on this, if you're a parent that the bane of a parent is to see your child become so on line PC game addict until he loses interest in everything else. He is not interested in going out even for meals with the family, he is not game for any physical activities and he simply shuts himself up in the room.

Over a cuppa the other day, my friend was sharing with me his misery as a father for a 15 years old son, who is literally caught up in his own cyber world, he would just play on line game until the wee hours of the morning, then he will wake up about 2 PM, loaf around the house then in a jiffy back into ON Line game again.

My friend was sharing that a few times he discontinued the internet service, hoping that his boy would buck up, but without the internet, nothing seemed to interest him, instead he would continue his habit of sleeping late, waking up late, my friend lamented.

My Jovial can also be labeled as “宅男“ or a home boy in English and sometimes this has caused me to have some rift and argument with him, at times tensed. As a father i do not wish to deprive him of the so called "modern days" games and on the other hand, he sometimes plays too much.

Thank God for the bond that i have cultivated between my boys and myself, therefore Jovial knows when to draw the lines and he has learned to appreciate the the little extra that is given to him.

He knows that sitting sedentary in front of the monitor is no good for his growth,therefore he knows when to stop and go for some ball games and swimming.

Back to my friend, when i asked him how he was going to deal with his boy and his on line addiction, all he said was it was too late already and he would only pray that his boy would get sick and bored with it.

P/S : In this modern world, sometimes we just can't tell which is angel, which is devil. so we need God more often than not.


  1. This is many teenagers prefer to lock themselves up in their rooms and go's actually's a matter how well they can manage their time with the online stuffs. I hope more positive outcome to be seen...

  2. I do hope his addiction will wears off anytime soon. Just hope it's a passing phase.

  3. This scenario happened to my aunt. Her son sticks on his PC for 24/7. She was devastated and sought advise everywhere.

    There are pros and cons to this habit. At least the boy is only addicted to online games, and not drugs or sex and mixing with wrong parties. Furthermore, he's at home under the supervision of his parents and not away, paying money to cyber cafe and surfing porn sites.

    His addiction will soon over. It's another stage of growing up.

    p/s: I once very addicted to online games too.

  4. It is always hard to strike for a balance. When the child is too quiet, we hope that the child can be a bit outspoken. When the child is too talkative, we hope that the child can stop talking for just a while. May be we as a parent should appreciate the kid from different angle. is always not easy to be a parent.

  5. I really hope that this online/computer game addiction is just a phase of growing up. It is better to live and learn in the real world.

  6. Eug: No worries at all, when he's interested in any healthy activity, definitely he'll get rid of that online game. But I may say, addicted to online game happens to most of the teenagers nowadays...

  7. That's the way things are today. As long as they do well in their studies, let them...

    Keep control, computer in living room...not in their own room and restrict during exam periods.

    Better than they going out mixing with wrong company and doing all the bad things including taking drugs.