Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Change We Must...........

You know there is a uniformed question my friends who come to visit me from other states will always ask me, " How is the new Penang Gorment doing, ( Gorment is the local slang for government lah)

And every time when that question is posed to me, i would be excitedly telling them, " Thank God, we Penang people were bold enough to make that change two years ago and i will be like a convict who was just given a parole finally seeing the sun light sharing with my friends what the new gorment has done in less than three years of administering Penang state.

Change is a very powerful tool, there is no point complaining how corrupt, how biased, how inefficient, how strong the political hegemony is, there is always something we can do, that's to CHANGE.

On a personal level, I have started to curtail my drinking habit, even this change is hard but to be better,there is no choice but to change.

So what do you intend to change for yourself, for your family and for your country ?

P/S : Let the End belongs to the Be-eNds.


  1. Great post. I quit smoking 4 months ago but now I have to struggle with the weight gain...:)

  2. Changes is the only thing that will not change. So if we being stubborn enough to be un-change, we are actually defying the law of the universe, haha, thus we are unable to progress as everything else around us has started to change :D

  3. I am changing myself every day. To be more humble, to be more grateful, to be more helpful, to be more patient and as a whole to be better person.

  4. Cut down in drinking? Hmm, sounds hard though, but dont worry, as long as you have the determination..
    Good Luck!

  5. Lose weight...that is the change I want to do next year :)

  6. Change for being a much better person as a wife, as a mom & as a DIL for the sake of my family.