Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Midnight's thoughts

It is already 2.15 am but i still can't sleep, was sleeping soundly prior to waking up when a bout of cough pounding my chest and i felt litterally uncomfortable,thus my sleep is lost.

Slowly regaining my voice, in exchange of close to incessant caugh, never mind about that just another few hours i shall be all right.

Looking out at the window at this time 2.20 am, it is now raining so badly, a big downpour and it seems that i am not the only one waking up at this moment. My lose of sleep at this hour is nothing as compared to those who have to brace themselves for the flash floods.

Eventhough, we have been prewarned that for the next few days,we would be experiencing heavy downpour and flash floods were expected, for me i heeded not, i've never experienced waking up in the middle of the night with the worries that my belonging would be swept away, my house would be 1 feet of 2 immersed in flood.

It is now 2.30 am, suddenly thinking about how it is like living in those low land areas, how scary it would be when there is heavy rain pouring down non stop for 2 to 3 hours, really wonder how it is like, one thing for sure that if i were to be there now, i would not be blogging in the middle of the night already.

Life is like that, isn't it? Here i am, feeling so nice about the rain, it sends cool chill, nice breeze and after i am done with my blogging, i can go back cuddling up on my comforter, hug around my bolster and toss myself into dreamland again.

On the other side, there are people packing up in the face of this heavy downpour, praying that the rain would stop to curtail the damage or the havoc, and for me i pray that the rain would continue right up to 6 am. How selfish we can be,right?

It is now 2.40 am, looks like my eyes are giving way and thank God my caugh seems to subside a little, do i still think or feel for those waiting helplessly for the rain to stop? Man, i wish i was there...........................................

Now i am thinking, when was the last time i gave some money to those deserving souls, when i was the last time i felt for those who were less fortunate than i was... when was the last time?

It is now 2.47 am, i should be sleeping now and i really want to pray for the rain to come to a halt,so that those who are worry sick about the rain and its havoc can have good sleep like i am about to..

"But if everyone has the world's goods and see his brother in need,yet closes his heart against him, how can God's love abide in him? " 1st John 3:17

P/S : Sometimes it is good to feel for others


  1. Dear I can't zz well too n planning to go to office earlier. Too much worries, too many mosquitoes... Go n see doc later n take good rest. Ok

  2. hope u get well soon.
    and yes, thinking about others show that we care. its good right ? ;)

  3. Hope you had good sleep then..
    Its been raining here too these few days, even a tornado at Perlis =_=
    I hope nothing very serious la, scary >_<

  4. If the coughs keep you awake again, take a big spoon of honey and swallow the honey down the throat slowly. It helps to quiet the coughs.

  5. Wish you speedy recovery and have a good night sleep.

  6. I can't sleep too last night because of the rain. Was having running nose.

  7. "I always complained I had no shoes...until I saw a man who had no feet!" That's my guiding principle in life and I guess that is why I am happy. I'm very contented with the way things are in my life...and thankful for every little blessing that comes my way...and most of all, I'm grateful that I am...alive and well. Praise the Lord.

    P.S. I'm still coughing a lot at night... I guess it will take some time to get better. Such things I accept gladly as penance for my sins and pray that God will have mercy - then I will not feel so bad.

  8. Hope you will get well soon. You are coughing? Try buy Tussil to suck. It's like strepsil but stronger. Have to be careful not to over dose

  9. Hey guys,, thank you very much feeling better now,is just that the throat is stil a little irritable,,,,

  10. Go see the doctor and eat medicine. :D

  11. oh, hope you are getting well now already.. yeah, i always think it's a good deed to think about the others too, this should bring you good karma.. :)

  12. Hope you're feeling better. With all the hustle and bustle in life, its only on those rare quiet moments that we reflect on things.

  13. Compassion is a wonderful feeling to have. You're a good person, Eugene.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  14. Eugene dude, I'm down with cough too and it IS disrupting my sleep as well! Darn this cough. I heard a mug of beer will do the trick :P

  15. LOL... I hardly sleep through my nights since I have my kids leh! It's great that you start to consider about others when you fail to sleep... as for me, only 2 words will keep bothering me, " Jia Lat"!!;p

    Wish you a good night sleep tonight!