Monday, November 01, 2010

I can't talk........

I never had it this bad, i lost my voice since yesterday, i mean i could hardly untter any audible words to make out any conversation today, i cut short my morning coffee chat with my friends, frustrated because could not join in the chat, could not anwer my phone.

Now,i am thinking i will be even frustrated the whole day through, simply because i can't talk and that's what i love to do so much, i dread to see myself in this circumstances when i cannot be heard.................i can't talk to my two boys, can't call my lovely wife to wish her well and saying I love you.

What more depressing is that the Met dept forcasted that it will be a great down pour in my state these two days, so the tennis court will be wet and can't go for my run as well, and most depressing of all, can't kiss my boys and my lovely wife...................

May be it is good for me to shut up for the whole day, to only listen and to read my book, still in the office now, don't think i can perform my duty today...............

Seriously for the past 44 years, never had it so bad........sigh.

How nice if she was our own..Happy Birthday Shanon from Uncle and auntie

I was already feeling bad since last friday, yesterday against all odds "hahahah" i hantam kaw kaw McD fried this and fried that cos it was June's daughter Shanon's 1 year birthday...

P/S : Without the voice, "I Love You" can still be felt when it can't be heard


  1. blog n write and let the throat take a rest. honestly, do you talk so much ? usually those who writes a lot talk less... and vice versa.
    take care

  2. Elaine,,, looks like today i am very free already, will be heading home later,, yes i talk a lot one,,, talking to customers,to friends, blah blah,, blah,,,,

  3. Eugene, in this new technology, you can stil SMS your lovely wife. You can also convert kissing to hugging. It means the same to your loved ones. You take care.

  4. LOL! Don't think too much, it great to rest your voice once in a blue moon, treat it as a precious 'holiday' for your throat!

    Take care and keep well ya!;)

  5. But you can still talk on your blog and be heard by many. ;) Get well soon.

  6. well, at least there's a blog where you could "talk" to us. Take care and drink plenty of fluid :)

    Stay healthy, and put on a mask if there's haze... could affect your throat.

  7. sometimes things happened so that we could 'see' the things that we neglected before. it happens so that we could have a new perspective toward certain thing. it is best for us to enjoy what ever condition we are in because we might never know what great testimoni can come out from it at the end :D

    get well soon!

  8. It's time for your throat to rest. Do get some prescribed antibiotic for faster recovery and drink more fluid.

    You take care, ya.

  9. Eugene, my whole family "Do Re Mi" all kena sore throat & flu since last Fri. And till today also tak baik2 lagi but not kena till voiceless like u lah.

    Oh ya, i suggest to u... u still can use sign langguage to perform "I lov U" to ur lovely wife and ur lovely sons.

  10. Get well soon bro. It must have been very damn serious. Take care bro.

  11. U sign language talk to your wife and kids. Talk a teaspoon of salt and just swollow.

    It will kill the bacteria and drink lots of honey, ya.

    Take care.

  12. rest! Take MC, take meds and sleep !

  13. rest and drink plenty of water.

    ps : i think if you guys have a dotter, she will be spoiled by whole family to pieces...ehehe...

  14. Eugene..this is the best time to go karaoke-ing with you... !! hahhaa...

  15. you have beautiful friends/family, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment