Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Good things done wrong....

My neigbour came to see me and my lovely wife last evening, with her was a loaf of bread that she wanted to give to us as a token of appreciation to us for in a way counselling or talking to her son.

Her son Eric is of same age as Jovial, both 13 and she was lamenting that she was having so much problem dealing with her son and she wanted to know how we taught our children to be so good,( that's her view).

After sharing with us about an hour or so about her son, suddenly i asked her a question that really stunned her and i asked," Jo, is there anything good about Eric?" she was like asking me what was i saying.

Meekly i said to her, me and my lovely wife too had our share of problem with our children but on top of all that we always regard our two wonderful boys as good, smart, loving,kind and caring, they are only naughty simply because they are boys.

She looked at me blankly, i asked for her understanding that with all her resentment against Eric her son, it is inevitable for her son not to behave in way towards her the way her resentment is towards Eric.

My lovely wife shared with her that she should firstly change her negative impressions towards her son, she should stop saying that her son is useless, timid, stupid and all those unkind words, and change all those impressions that Eric is simply the best.

In a hindsight, after sharing with her, i believe how rudimentay important that we should always talk good about our children.

Josephine my neighbour thanked us for sharing with her and i thanked her too for opening my horizons how sometimes good things can be done wrong and i told her not to worry about Eric.

Note : Children are not donkeys, therefore they may not be as docile as we want them to be..

P/S : With Respect We can Go a Long way


  1. Last time, my bro (abt that age)was like that too, the more my mom scold him, the more he ignored my mom. But now, both respect each other well and both of them having more communication together.

  2. yes i agree.... if children are not naughty, then what's childhood?

  3. Parents should really learn that their children are also human, a person. dont always expect that its theirs so they have the rights to do or say anything about them...

  4. Yes, your kids are such nice boys - I've met them...I know. Any yes...cannot think negatively about kids - they can sense it (same with teachers and students) and they will be negative towards you too... Love and be loved in return.

  5. This kind of friction is bound to happen in every family. :D But it is all good. Even I am kinda like this but not to that extend lar.

  6. Hi,
    Came across your blog and chance upon this piece. Great advice! i think it applies to all as well... We should not think only the bad of others...

    Have a nice day!

  7. yea...most of the times...parents should put themselves into the youngsters' shoes...

    You did a great job friend!

  8. very agree with that bro..even i'm not married yet..but i completely understand that advice...

    parents shud know, children are in learning process to growing up..parents shud not showing their bad attitude to them

  9. in a way - law of attraction right?