Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't try this at home.

"Eugene, got chance already" he was piqued with excitement when he said this, i responded," what chance are you talking about?" he was grinning away then continued," You know i told you about that lady that i went to her house to replace her kitchen window, she invited me for some beers in her house."

When i looked at my friend who is in his late 40s, a boss dealing in home improvement and the excitement he exuded knowing the fact he still got what it takes to woo, something funny was brewing i reckon.

Ok briefly about his story, so he went to that lady house to replace kitchen window, friendly conversation ensued, she told him she was a divorcee, living alone, invited her for some beer sessions in her house,Period.

When i told my friend to be careful about the invite and what are at stakes, his family, the wife and the children, he chided me for being half man. I really don't want to judge as i told him about him and the lady, it might all well be good intention of getting to know another friend.

I have seen many marriages broken down, and the ultimate victims will always be the children, so as i told my friend still have to be careful. I am no saint but i hate seeing families go tumbling down, i loathe to see children growing up with vengence, hate and hurt.

P/S : Nice to get into it, it might cause you hell to get out.


  1. The saying goes, it good to taste the forbidden fruit.

    It's up to him whether he heeded your advice.

    And I do hope the lady won't be a seductress or temptress again.

  2. "Nice to get into it, it might cause you hell to get out."

    agree with you on that. Don't understand why some woman already know the man is married and yet want to go and seduce. Hope he will listen to your advice

  3. Aihh, so women ah, really is a bitch...they like to seduce married men for the fun of it, sometimes, they just like to see other people's marriage crumble. Some dun even wanna keep the guy. Make people's marriage crumble liao, stay back and laugh at whatever happened. When ppl divorce and blame her... cry foul and say victimized pulak. Ishh... alot ppl like that wan la. Pretentious whore!

    But sometimes, the man must be a man who have no faith for God too, cuz have no fear for sin and whatnot. It takes two to tango, bro. It takes two.

  4. Hope your friend will not drag himself into hot soup. Agree with you that the children will be the victims at the end.

  5. The chance of your friend to listen to your good advice is slim. He was already full with excitement upon the invitation.

    You have done your part. Leave the rest to him.

  6. Jessie : Forbidden fruit, nice ka?

    Kathy : I don't understand either

    Cleff : Yes it takes two to tango but usually the will end up tangoing the wrong way

    mNhl : The latest i checked with him, he went to see her for drinks, and she said nice talking to my friend,,,

    yvonne : yes i rest my case,

  7. This is what I call as 'playing with fire'. Now the fire is still small and tame, still OK and maybe not easily detected. Wait till the fire becomes big, then everything also cannot hide already and maybe too late to correct anything as the fire may already have engulfed the person who play with it in the first place.

  8. Sigh~ advise your friend "not to get in too deep, else he will get himself drown"...... I don't think he will listen anyway!

    Have a great day!

  9. You may shoot me for saying this, as it is quite biased. But I think this friend of yours, being a MAN that he is, is so shallow and just likes to feel good. The moment a lady, maybe any lady that is reasonably employed and sane looking invites him, that makes him feel good.

    Like he still got share value. Market value. Or any value. That he is still wanted. That he is still hot.

    Too bad. Think with big head, not small head please.

    Bravo to men who stay faithful in ALL sense to their ladies.

  10. he is playing with fire. sometimes it may started as something innocent, but one thing can lead to another and before you know it ,you are already too deep into it

  11. Be like me...I have always rejected all advances from ladies. :D

  12. Alice Phua: Sure is playing with fire, may be he thinks that he is a fire

    Alice Law : I don't think so either,

    Irene : You know i notice one thing about man my age and above,we will get very happy if we still think that we have to power to woo....

    Johnnie : Let us have the fear of god in us, we are man and he knows our weaknesses, pray a lot.

    Tekkaus : I like you already, you are the man.. reject the advances, but sometimes if they want you, they can be subtle too,, they will retreat before they advance,,hahah, been there bro,,

  13. well, all kind of people out there.

  14. Can we remain faithful till our journey ends?

  15. sigh. i think sometimes they feel bored and trapped in the marriage and need outside fun.. thinking it is harmless

  16. The consequences of a broken marriage are always leading to more social ills. That's what I think.