Monday, September 20, 2010

Still learning.............

As a father i can only say that i am still learning, learning to be a better father, learning to understand my two wonderful boys deeper, but then again, i get frustrated a lot of times, when it hits you that all that i do, sometimes brings you heartache.

Could it be that in this age of internet, children are more sedentary than physcically active, they rather spend long hours playing computer games than kick their butts out in the field and play some games.

I really hate it when i take my sons out for a game of basketball,just after less than half an hour, especially so with my eldest, he begins to complain, he says he wants to go home. You might think basketball is not his fav game, he chose it so i thought he liked it.

Anyway, i thank God that my sometimes argument with him will come to an end before bed time, and i usually will tell him why i got mad.

As a parent, we always want the best for the children, best here and best there, grow taller, growm smarter, grow healthier but i wonder do we do it right sometimes, i am guilty of it too at times.

Thanks to blogging, at least i can vend my frustration here.

P/S : I just have to understand we are different


  1. Ya...this is very true of young boys today - no more the tough guys as in the past. So thin, so delicate, so fair...worse than girls! All momma's little darlings! It's no wonder at all that the females are taking over the world.

  2. oh.. this post struck me.. i recalled my eldest son telling me that we were spending too much time on the computer, especially at night... the house was silent.. only typing sound could be heard.. instead of me commenting about that, he put forth first.. i could only agreed with him but not finding a solution.. cos the mother is a blog-ka-holic.. sigh...

  3. Eugene, it always happen to my hubby. When he's watching dvd at home.My son nag him and wanted to watched Ultraman. However,all changes there will be difficult moments which might prove challenging to a person called: DAD.

  4. Hmm... I should be appreciative... both my kids ( at toddler age) love outdoor activities be it a walk, an outing to the beach or to the huge playground. :).. Wonder whether they will still be enjoying it when they are teenagers. :)

  5. I had this thought too. How to get kids away from computer and actually go out and play some real GAMES. Get them into classes... martial arts, badminton or something... anything to make them spend less time in front of the com. haha

  6. my 13-yr-old also one kind one. You can't please them all the time. As the adult, we definitely has every right to put our foot down when the child gets overboard!

  7. i enjoy outdoor games most of the time especially with family! :D so it usually be on Sunday where everyone gathered and play badminton till the evening!

  8. Like this post, because I do wonder whether my actions taken are correct or wrong. I love my children and think I'm giving them the best. I may not be the best parent, but I'm trying to be a better one.

    And thanks to blogging, I get to share experiences with all mummies and daddies.

  9. Ya...each of us are different. What we enjoyed does not mean the kids will and vice versa. Sometimes, I tried to live in my son's world like enjoying the cartoon he is watching, listening to the songs he like and so on.

  10. Some of my friends comment that I am being "cruel" to my boy for he only gets to watch tv/computer on Saturdays. :)

    He loves reading so basically reading fills up his free time during weekdays. I am very lazy when it comes to sports on weekends but I know I have to slot in a game or two which is a a torture for a lazy person like me. Hahahah...

    I am not a perfect mom, not trying to be one. I just do the best I can. I can only hope that he still remains momma's boy when he hits rebellious age.

  11. they are always thinking about some other thing when they are doing another thing!haha, i think this is normal around teenager nowadays..they rather spend alone time or friend time as compared to family time.hopefully they'll go through the phase and be a young gentleman soon!

  12. Yeah, you can blame in on the internet age. Gone were the days where we really enjoyed outdoor games with neighbourhood kids.

    Perhaps, you could set up a timetable for him?

  13. Hi Eugene. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment at my blog.

    Oh, tell me about it. I get mad with my youngest son all the time. I know I shouldn't be too strict with him but he always does things that he himself knows will make mommy angry.

    I do realize that kids are just being kids. I had my fair share of naughtiness when I was a child. I'm trying not to get mad at him... it sure doesn't feel great when I get scolded all the time.

    aiyoh, panjang pulak my komen... haha! Have a great Monday :)

  14. does ur kids like "reporting"?

    i babysit alot when i was younger (thats how i got free trip oversea, am a traveling nanny kinda). i normally babysit during travel at min of 7-10 kids, and i warn them do no tell-tale/report on others misbehaving, try to solve it within yourself first. if caught reporting, the reporter too will be punished.

    reason being, i always have the kids doing this "uni, haris pukul afiq", or "dia orang bergaduh". i said talk it out and solve it. but no pointing finger & reporting. coz normally the fight is small and prob cause by the person reporting as they feel they have higher advantage with adult. ahhahahaha....

    just wonder how you solve it.