Sunday, August 08, 2010

Feel like bash him up and slap her awake.....

Too bad,my weekend is or soon to be "was not" as happy as i wanted it to be.... so the story goes.

I was enjoying my morning breakfast with my lovely wife, suddenly a call from a 74 years old auntie came to my mobile, saying," eugene,where are you, need to talk about a so and so, now that i have prove that so and so is having an affair, confirmed by his own friend." i said ok,i would go and see what i can do to help.

Went to meet the 74 years old auntie and the rest of her children in one air conditioned coffeeshop, a lot of deliberation and discussion, then i asked the 74 years old and her daughter whose husband was the accused if they wanted to know the truth and there is only on way to find out the truth, that's too hear it from the horse's mouth.

I summoned the alleged suspect husband to meet up with us, he hesitated but finally agreed, waited not long, he charged into the coffees shop then like a wild boar he started scolding his wife in public saying something," so what do you want, you are happy now lah, calling your gang here to question me." I was not pleased with him at all, so were the rest who were present, i kept my cool and i dragged him out to another table outside the coffeeshop.

I asked straight to his face, did he have a girlfriend outside, he denied then i told him the 74 years old auntie confirmed the his alleged affair from his good friend, acted non-chalant, he called his witness friend. At this point i could tell he was lying already.

Then his friend, was confronted by the 74 years old lady about the truth of what he said to her, his friend kept quiet but the 74 years old lady was quick to react and challenged his friend to swear, his silence and the silence of the alleged suspect husband was as good as true.

And on the same day, the wife moved out from their house, kind of impromto and she was determined to call the marriage done and over with.............another divorce is brewing.

After the moving out, i took the 74 years old lady for dinner and the news i heard from this lady got me infuriated to the max and i wish she could have told me earlier and i could have bashed the lady's husband up and i could have slapped the lady awake that she should have left him long ago,with his bad temper and the only one thing i cannot tolerate no matter what, "beating up a lady,wife ka,girlfriend ka, no way...........

It is my ardent belief that no man should lay his hand on a lady in whatever situation and a woman should leave that man should it have happened the first time.....

It always puzzles of why some marriages can't work and why men should go and have a fling outside marriage. Take this case for an example, i knew the divorcing couple since their dating days, i still remember the husband could wait hours after hours for the then girl( back then the girl was not that keen in him) and would woe her untill he got her,, so what happen to that love and passion anymore?

A husband cannot say this to defend his mischief," my wife keeps nagging and nagging and nagging and i cannot take it " without examining himself what causes her nag, and the wife must learn as well to voice up the displeasure in nicer ways

Note : the 74 years old lady is my mother, the victim is one of my sisters and i am sad....

P/S : We don't need an exotic holiday to rekindle the fire, if we can't even stoke the fire in our own bedroom, right?


  1. My wife nags me and I love her LOL :D

  2. So sorry to hear what happened to ur sis. A broken marriage is 1 thing, but domestic violence? That's terrible!

  3. sigh..i hope your sis well..the husband is clearly not worth her time and effort..

    weird how some things can turn out to be and how sad it is to see sometimes the relationship between 2 person is so weak.

    That's why we have to live the moment eh?:)

  4. Wah! one of your sisters? feel sorry for her. I also don't understand how people can forget about their love.

    Anyway, let us hope that this won't happen to us right?

  5. Eugene, so sorry to hear of this sad news. What can I say.. Hope everything will work out for your sister. You take care now..

  6. it's just an excuse from him.

  7. Sorry to hear that.. guess who will be the victims? sigh..

  8. So sorry to hear bout this.... >_<

  9. Gosh...your family, can produce a drama series. So many things happening one. But wife battering cannot be condoned. Must report to police!

  10. to me, divorce is the last resort. if the couple had tried many ways to save their marriage, but at the end still cannot come to a conclusion..then divorce lor..

    Divroce is a sad thing..really it is.

  11. Sometimes we got married to someone we thought we knew and found out the hard way.. Hope things will turn for the better.

  12. Things aren't always what they seem. Something happened unexpectedly ruined your weekend. My weekend was just normal one. I get the slept that i lost on weekdays, then I was happy already.

  13. gosh.... hope ur family isdoing ok, am sure there's a reason 4 everything. god hv his own way i always say... we need to be patience an wait

  14. Sorry to hear that.

    Domestic violence is a no no.

    We, 3rd party would say, should have left at the 1st time it happen but when faced with the situation the result might be different.

    -Sometimes a woman stay on coz she still hope that the husband will repent or change. Coz normally after the beatings the husband will be "good"...till the next round where his temper overcome his guilt.

    -maybe because the kids still young.

    -The wife depend on the husband for money.

    - the stigma of divorce.

    Just many things la.

    What you have to do now is to calm down. Dont go beating him up as it wont do u nor your sister any good. If you kena police tangkap for assualt, u think your sis will be happy ka?

    Stay calm and be focus. See what your sister need you to do and not what you think your sister need you to do.

  15. Whether or not your sister have a happy marriage/facing domestic violence and her husband is having affair outside... outsiders... ESPECIALLY outsiders should stay out of their business and just lend some sympathetic ear. That is THEIR marriage, and not yours, and not your mum's. no matter how close you are... it is still not your marriage.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't condone domestic violence what more infidelity... but you and your mother are not in your sister's shoes. You have no idea how she really feels. Interfering would only make things worst for your sister and her family. No matter what, by the end of the day... it is her who will need to bear the consequence. Not you, not your mother.

    I sound terrible, but that is the truth. I'm seeing a pattern here. Forgive me for saying this, but your mum seems to be riding a horse called domination and she won't get of from it. She simply have to butt in each time her children got problem with so and so... and den... when they want to move on... she will want to be in the picture too... saying she disagree about so and so and whatnot. Your mum needs to learn to let her kids lead their own life. She can't be around forever to 'guide' the kids.

    I second smallkucing in this issue. There's a story to each thing that happen. Acting hero and saviour to someone's else marriage is not going to do any good, unless you're the one who will be be marrying that woman next. Which I assume... no way in hell you can.

  16. as i was reading through the comments, i agree with some of those comments. I am a husband and i am a brother, i dont encourage divorce but to suffer in silence and with that silence long enough that will weaken the lady's spirit,then the option is,,,,

  17. yah, sory to hear that bad news from ur family, if one members had family marriage problem, it do involve the whole family , it happened to my hubby family too ( but it was long time ago).. i know the unhappiness and the worry-ness at the family :(
    We just do what we can help the rest is still up to them to decide !!

  18. sorry to hear this happening to your sis and your old mother have to see this happening to her daughter. no mother would want any of the kids to be unhappy, esp in their marriage.

    but why the fire die in a marriage? i don't know. i also want to know.

  19. wah eugene! bash him & slap her??

    don't you think you have a violent streak in you, even though it's just a feeling??

  20. You are piling more misery to your dear sister who is now under tremendous stress.leave her alone,give her some privacy. Don publicize her plight to sensationalist your sure she does want her private affair to become circus