Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I was duped .........

Yesterday marked the stupidest day of my life, i felt that i was an idiot and so gullible over a sachet of coffee......... so the story goes.

A old classmate of mine called me two days ago inviting for a coffee break for some business discussion of which i told him that i could only avail myself a day after he conceded. I met up with this friend at the usual coffee shop near my son school as i had to pick my Jovial up as well yesterday.

I was happy to see this old friend, upon seeing me, he immediately passed me a sachet of coffee and asking me to try it out, citing that he wanted my opinion about the said coffee that he believed had tremendous market potential and he told me that he wanted me to be in this business with him claiming that the profit was handsome that i could not decline.

Happily he ordered a cup of hot water and mix it with that particular sachet of coffee. I was curious at his zealouness in wanting me to try it out, i paused for a while and started asking him some questions like how much was one sachet? from where it was imported? was it 2 in 1 or 3 in 1? he dodged all my questions telling me he would satisfy all my doubt as soon as the coffee was consumed

Finished the coffee i did, he asked me how much did i think a sachet of that coffee would cost, i told him in my opinion it should be 60 cents, he laughed at me and telling me that it cost RM 8 for that small sachet, i was taken aback, increduously i asked him how could it be so expensive then i got a shock upon hearing it.

He said he knew the source of getting this coffee from overseas and it contained some substances that can add as sex enhancer and within one or two hours one would litterally feel the effect in term of instant boost of sexual power and one would also experience some heatiness from one's "system" that will exude some kind of nicey nicey feeling and the energy level will be at all time high i was told.

Upon hearing this, i was aghast and scolded him for i told him i never believed in such kind of "booster here and booster there" stuff and some more it had not been verified by the local health ministry i was told for i knew that all these magical subtances must contain some kind of stuff that is detrimental to one's health.

He did not apologize but instead he told me that i would be amazed when he divulged the handsome profit i would be enjoying if i were to be interested in the business of selling those coffee. Before i had to pick my Jovial up he said to me that he would call me in an hour or so to check on the effects the coffee had on me.

True to his words, the said coffee was not at all a boon but a doom for me, after sending my son home, i felt dryness on my lips, heatiness in my "system" and felt my heart pouding a little faster than usual, i got kind of nervous about the reaction, immediately i sent my friend a text message," William, shit you, i felt so hot now, it is gonna be dangerous?"

He replied,"Normal lah, told you it was a booster what, please go and have a "ENO" to cool it down if your wife is not around" i was flabbergasted at his mischief and using me a guinea pig and sending him another text saying i was really angry with him.

Got back to the office, drank a lot of water, rested for a while, was praying that nothing bad should happen to me, not long after which he sent me another text message," Bro, good effect leh, so can we talk business now? i never replied him.

Note : Probably because i am small size therefore my friend William thought that i needed the Boost.........
P/S : A hell ride from ecstasy to reality.


  1. Wow...hmm...your friend should have told you what is inside of it right? :/ Haih...

  2. OK, with friends like that, who needs enemies? Seriously, I would write him off as a friend. Glad you're OK.

  3. I don't know why. After reading this, I couldn't help laughing, and still laughing. Sorry ya! Because you put it in such a hilarious way.

  4. Wakakaka.... what a funny business. Well, at least William let you test the effectiveness of the product =P

  5. Hmm.. Eugene. I wonder why guy can just simply trust their so called friend even after such a long time never see each other and still able to trust them and did what they asked to? Seeing the way he approached you and asking u to gulp down the drink is somewhat I feel 'this guy must be something wrong' I thought you wouldn't drink. But you did! How dangerous it is! Could it be poison. Could it be drug. Could it be some harmful chemical? These things never come across your mind?
    *Sorry if you think I'm too straight forward. But I just wonder between guys.. how is the trust between each other is built?

  6. Ha,, sorry Brocolli Ginger, i need to say this,, Firstly Willaim has been my friend for almost 39 years, it was broad day light in the coffee shop, and the sacthet really looked like coffee to me,,,,,, but you right, i was so foolish


  7. something like Coffee Tongkat Ali??? eheheheh

  8. omg ur friend ah.... he should have told u 1st instead of making u drink it!

  9. I'd be so very insulted if a friend does this to me, put substance in my body without telling me first beforehand and I would really give him a piece of my mind. does he know your medical history ? state of your heart ? blood pressure , etc? this packet of potent stuff could be life threatening to you.

    Be careful whom you call 'friends', seems like many of them let you down, don't be so gullible and be taken for a ride.

  10. sound dangerous. Lucky you have no heart problem else might get heart attack. Be careful, bro

  11. seems tongkat ali coffee very famous now ler...hahaha...i thought u really need a booster...hehehe.

    actually coffee business can do...just need a perfect location.

  12. memang got Spanish fly as one of the ingredient inside that satchet. "hard" or not..? like a...,mmmm,...err.. aiya..,pai say lah

  13. I cant help giggling while reading this post...I think the coffee contains the popular Tongkat Ali ingredients..hehehehe lucu lah!

    It is good to hear you are OK after drinking lotsa water my friend.

    hehehehe...good day!

  14. Kiahahaha.... you are lucky, it wasn't drug that you were having! ^-^

  15. If he was my friend, he would already become an ex-friend. Seriously.