Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God Help Us

So the notorious infamous serial taxi driver rapist was finally brought to court, when the charges were read to him that it was rape, he refuted that it was a consensual sex with under aged girls and not rape.

A 54 years old preying on the under aged girls, recorded the scene on the handphone and even the police had a view of the so called rape recording on the phone wept saying it was the most heinous act an adult could do unto the girls.

Put the court proceding aside, sometimes i really wonder how can we really stop this menace from repeating itself. What can we do as parent, what can the education system do, what can the law do to deter such uncivilised act? i really wonder.

Can we really trust anyone now? can we really let our children play in their friends' house and not to be worried if they could be molested, it is getting sicker, isn't it?

As for me, i've always instilled in my two wonderful boys the value of RESPECT, they must respect others, especially their friends of different sex.

P/S : When man drifts away from God, he loses himself.......................


  1. The worst thing was the recording part, and he manipulated the girls with the video again and again. The man should be sentenced to die.

  2. nothing better than a self protection and moral instill education to our children as to protect themselves.. and just pray that GOD be more mercy on us (the human)

  3. really cilaka man. just hope they will throw the book at him and that he wont get off with a light sentence by pleading old age or what

  4. Damn thats once sick son of a gun! There's only to certain extent of what the government and everyone can do to stay away from this kind of problem. We can do everything in our power to manage things that we can control but what scares us the most is the thing thats out of our control. We cant be too paranoid about everything too or else we'll just end up building a fort of our own and stays there till its time to leave earth. haha, still cant believe Malaysia have such a sick psycho >_<

  5. That's why I was always worried every holiday when Melissa had to take a cab from Penang airport to Sg Petani...and from Sg Petani to Penang airport. Was hoping all the time for some kind soul to offer to help...and so far, so good, praise the Lord!

    Some of her friends will simply take the late night flight and take a cab from the airport - any strange taxi driver! I wonder whether their parents ever worry or not...

  6. i think i only ever took taxi ONCE n no more dy. dad just dnt let. still rmb he scolded me n sis dat time. :(

  7. yea.. i read about this too!
    and on the same day, there was a few cases, big and sad one.
    1) robbers robbed and raped a mother in front of her husband and daughter.. bastard!

    2) A car burned, X petrol station refused to borrow the fire extinguish

    3) and the one u blogged about is definitely tops any news!

    not only that, but haih, i dunno lah.. i got so worried going out alone now.. scare kena robbed, so my wallet never has more than RM 10, no credit card, no ATM card, just my IC.. this is only the rob case, what if there is any rapist?? haihhhh... stupid idiot...
    now i want go to exchange currency shop also i worried! Carry so much cash in hand leh!!
    stupid ppl.. they should all be burned at stake..

  8. Sheoh Yan,...don't lah sentenced the fella to death.Potong dia punya lanchiao or you call it Castration.i think if the law says okay with castration,would-be rapist might think twice. potong the lanchiao but leaves the 2 balls dangling,then the rapist would repent for his whole life.

  9. Some human just needed to be punished...and God can't do all the punishment himself. :/

  10. I hope the law is tougher over there because in the U.S., criminals always use the "insanity" excuse and it's sickening how sometimes the court will rule that the criminal is not competent to stand trial due to his state of mind.

    The world is becoming a more sicker and violent place. We have both men and women raped. We also have human trafficking where women and girls are sold or forced into prostitution. Sometimes I wonder where did it all go wrong. Is it because poor parenting or is it karma from past lives.

  11. its a crazy world we leave in. we can take care of ourself and our family but we have no clue how the outside world treating them.... dont know what to expect.