Thursday, May 20, 2010

Polygamy and Sanctity of Matrimony

This guy got me thinking, he really did, who am i talking about and what is it about this guy that triggered my sense and sensibility. His picture graced the front page of major main stream newspapers and he was almost ubiquitous even in the internet.

Guess you already knew whom i am refering to and the sensational news he created, about his polygamy and i loathe to mention his name here. Buangkan saja

I always am curious about what grounds or acceptable reasons that can really constitute to the legitimacy of polygamy( I am not challenging any religions that OK polygamy and i am not an expert in that field too,mind you)

Could it be the money and i mean a lot of it untill a man can tell his wife that look you are so nicely and lavishly fed month in and month out, and i have worked so hard to give you the best and now i want you to give me something in return, my second wife. Could money yield such clout over your wife who is so dependant on you?

May be it has got something to do with man's libido, i mean the insatiable one, the one a man thought we should indulge rightly or wrongly, i really dont know?

For example, i enjoy sex (which is true,)even till i am sixty and by then probably my wife is no longer interested in the ardour anymore, then can i tell my wife " Darling, ha Darling, can i go and have another wife because you dont want sex anymore right but i can still be up and running, and you dont want to see me deprived of my crave, right? could this be a reason ?

I remember the above was the reason my learned friend once gave me when i asked him about polygamy, his reason was because God knew very well that man's sexual desire was different from woman's.

Back to the sancitity of Marriage, i hold strongly to the belief that marriage is the union of two people, going through it no matter what, through sickness and health, through Pok Kai (no money) or through wealth and till death do us part.

Marriage is about love and the very fundamental of love can really conquer all even our own selfishness, marriage is about sex too when only love is manifested in the union and celibacy of it when love overcomes sex in a marriage.

Untill someone can convince me with the sensible reasons for polygamy, i still believe in the sanctity and the scaredness of marriage.

If i were a woman, i would despise polygamy no matter what the reasons, for marriage is truly about love.

P/S : Yours monogamously 白头偕老


  1. Well, you'd expect no less from someone named after bung hole.

    "TV for my bung hole..." - Beavis and Butthead.

  2. who is that fella.. didnt read papers much these days except sports.. ok, i go look for that fella and tell him what I think.. hmmmm....

  3. no women in the world love polygamy,I believe so.Although their religion do states that men can marry more than one, why cant the men understand their wives' feelings?
    As for the YB..he looks so happy and paying a fine of RM1000 is nothing to him..btw, the actress is very proud to be No. 2...poor wife No 1...

  4. he shouldnt have been anything in the 1st place, i despise him, you shud see how he behaved in the parliament

  5. speahless...actually if i were to comment, the whole page would be fill with symbols like these @#$%*

  6. that's how people nowadays....haih.... =.= 'tua tua keladi' kan...hehehehe...anyway, keep on voting for me eugene...campaign for me, will ya? I promise I won't stop blogging if I win *Laughs out loud*

  7. Well..well..he is so famous now huh! What a shame! :/

  8. That is the most stupid reason i've ever heard... does he even have a brain?????

    Dumb I would say, using his small brain to think.

  9. yeah,i saw in the newspaper they seems to be hero and heroine,still flashing the victory sign,...bladi kai tai really !! well,they got quota ma,we don't have ma... i ever questioned one of my female co-worker(tudung one) about kongsi abang.straightaway she snapped back at me and said,"mana say mau kongsi itu batang ?...kotor lo...tak nak kongsi2 lah !@#5 " okey,okey i replied and i shut up after that.
    if one day,i got tempted by another woman out there and it happened that my wife found out...,then it's game over for me.i don't want such thing as "big" or "small" wife thingy.i strongly believes i can only truely loves one woman at a time.if another comes along,it's purely and solely about " The Penang Race...!" hahahehe ! good one Eugene !

  10. You want also kah? Look...he's 51 and he looks like somebody in the 70s - I am almost 60...but look like 30 plus only! Hahahahahaha!!!! One is more than enough, thank you!

  11. mmmm...??hehehe!,Suituapui memang betul juga. one sau nai nai is more than enough.younno,anyway this off-topic a bit. last time when young ,we used to gathers around some of 'wise" old man at our local kopitiam and listens to their advices and stories.i remembered one saying,if we 're to get a wife ,the most important thing to avoid is the big-mouth type becoz the husband-to-be won't "last long'.won't "last long" here means cepat mati lah becoz the wife will suck/drained away all the husband living"chi" very fast. Suituapui,you really looks young for your age,...mind to recommend me what elixir you take ?

  12. polygamy policy is you MUST be fair to your wives.

    how many of us can be fair? i mean, how sure we are, that the wives won't feel hurt... at all?

    nowadays, people use polygamy based on religion itself, actually it's not. they are just looking for someone to splash their bloody lust. how sad is that, but fact does hurt sometimes... right?

    he deserves.

  13. who who who??
    who is that? who? =.=

  14. did u just say "...the sanctity and the scaredness of marriage...?" i am scared indeed! ahahaha

    man has different sex. Bull. lamest reason to get remarried. how different is that from an animal? just say la ur not capable of being faithful... kan kan kan? If woman rules the earth, there will be no poligamy policy, unless women can do the same.

  15. I'd say he looks more like a baboon than real person, he's the same bugger-of-a-fella who has the audacity to mention (mind you) during parliamentary sitting, that women leaks too (bocor) during the sensational sewage duct leakages in one federal building or office.