Friday, May 21, 2010

So sad lah, my friday is yet tainted with another tragic news that i read from the newspaper front page about a family of three with both the parents, took their 2 year old son's life with paraquat and others, then slit their wrists and jumped to their death from 29th floor............the end.

Is happiness really hard to attain ? Is taking our own lives the paramount solution to all our problems?

I remember there was one survey conducted in the US that i read about, and the result was stunning revealing that about 90% of those interviewed, felt that they were not happy with their current status that they had made wrong choices that got them stuck .

1) What would be the ONE thing that you would substract from you to make you a little happier?
2) What would the be ONE thing that you would add to your life to make you a little happier?

P/S : When everything else fails, TRY GOD.... Happy Friday guys


  1. I have short memory one.. i can only look ahead.. and not turn back.. continue on to walk the journey and see when God will take me back.. lets leave our lives to HIM..
    have a prayerful weekend, bro...

  2. I read that too..feel so shocked. I couldnt imagine the 2 year old son being poisoned too.. yup turn to God..He never failed us..

  3. oh.. my.... =.=
    i totally forgot today is friday~~!
    i tot today is Thursday!!

  4. LOL reanaclaire. A good one. So positive! hahaha.....Luckily I also got SHORT MEMORY.

    I will think of my family. They struggle so hard to bring me up and no matter how, I must appreciate what they had given me. If possible, I wish to live eternity.

  5. What's wrong with them, why need to take the kid along with them!

  6. Whine less
    Be more Contented
    Someone should be Happier :)
    Happy Friday!

  7. my mind is all occupy by family, friends, work and my little Princess. no time to go and see what and where went wrong la.. just lived everyday happy happy.. smile smile laugh laugh.. :D

    Happy Weekend brother!

  8. Nothing to + nor to -. Life got its ups and down. That is what making it interesting

  9. ohhh i got heard abt it on the news leh..y har? money problem is it?

  10. Very sad news i read yesterday ... !! Yeah .. move forward and be hapy always ... hv a great friday and weekend ahead .. GOD bless u ...

  11. Goodness....they are so mindless....too stress....too depressed.. :( What happened to our world?

  12. Newspapers give so much prominence to reports that do not deserve much publicity.

    No matter what faith we belong to, let that faith give you strength, like how it did to me.

    More importantly, all of us need SUPPORT from family, relatives and friends in order to remain sane when they deal with suicidal thoughts.

    Often, they're blamed for being stupid when they take their own lives but look at the broader picture. How did it all happen? Did anyone try to help them?

    They must have cried for help (literally or not), but no one's listening. If true, that's really unfortunate.

  13. dat was indeed tragic....

    anyways.. happy weekend dude :)

  14. Its not what you cant change thats matter, but its what you can alter...

    People are not happy because they are still stuck in their past and unable to move on.

    What happened to the family of 3 is really sad. Life shouldn't be that hard, we just need to stay focus and stay positive. I know its a cliche but it does have a strong point there.

  15. ya read that story too, really saddening, whatever it is, shouldn't take ur son along... hai.

    Wishing u a good weekend :)

  16. Haihh... the kid must have drove that family crazy. Keep make noise or wud, they beh tahan so liddat la.

  17. subtract work.

    add money.

    the rest, i want to keep it that way :)

  18. may be the place they rented is "dirty"?

  19. It was sad news to read, one should never take away another person's life and their own. I dont want to speculate on their reasons behind it but whatever it is, I hope they've found their peace.

  20. yes it's depressing and one can only imagine what drove them to such decision.

    the last red sentence in P/s is always true. though it should be put first.

    can't say i have all this while. time for reflection.

  21. yalor... i am sad to hear this news.

    why? society is sick?

    happy weekend to you too

  22. Sigh~!! Wonder why is 'life' seems so invaluable to certain people...T-T

    I'm contended who I am and what I have now... bothing much to be add on or taken away.:)

    Happy weekend to you!

  23. Yalor...really sad. I do believe that if one believes in God, no matter how bad things are, you will live on with faith and hope in your heart. And why did they have the poison the poor innocent child? I've a post along this line tomorrow...

  24. i saw this too..... why?.... sigh... i guess some hv high beautiful tots of cosmo cities without realising the pressure that comes with it... keeping sane is the key word.