Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kiss and Say Good Bye

Once again after 18 years, our hope dashed, dream shattered, The Cup eluded us yet one more time, what excuses can we give ourselves, Can we still be saying ," The Chinese players are better than us," " The pressure was too intense upon us to lift the hope of the nation," or may be" we will do a post mortem after this fiasco."

We are talking about professionals players here,not any child's plays, i still cannot fathom the fact that for the past 18 years we are still searching for the reasons why we lost so badly, albeit in your own turf, the result last night showed one painful fact, our badminton team, if nothing is done about it, in no time it will be just like our national football team, lost in oblivion.

May be we should start by over hauling the whole BAM, we dont need Datuks helming the BAM, we need professional to do the job, remove the coaches if they can't bring in the result but are we willing to face the ugly truth that we are really no match to the Greaters.

Imagine out of three matches played last night, not even a single match resulted in third set, if this is what we really are, i doubt that we will be able to even smell The Cup in the next 2,4,6 years.

I am petrified looking at the burgeoning force coming from Japan, Germany, USA even the Rusia in badminton, i really dont wish to see that in the future Thomas Cup, we have to struggle to win over the likes of Germany, Rusia or the USA before we could reach China.

Lin Dan is clearly the world's best single player, and if the Chinese could win The Thomas Cup tomorrow of which i am sanguine, then China will be the first country to win it back to back the no 4th time

For 18 years, we are still living next door to Dream Land

P/S : To be really "boleh" , we must remove all the "Tak Boleh-s"


  1. One thing is for sure.. Lin Dan is so good looking :D

    You saw the topless 'dance' he did after his victory? lol..

  2. Well... I would think the pressure was too tough for our players to handle, they have to "shoulder" the whole nation's hope and fortune! If I were them, I won't get my best form too! Still have to give them a "clap" for their efforts...

    @Merryn, paiseh... I flavour Lin Dan too*wink!

    Have a nice day! Cheers!

  3. Yeah...I thing out players are mentally weak. :(

  4. In EPL and others, we see the managers, the coaches resigning...when a team loses. Here the Sideks cling on for dear life. Get rid of them!!!

  5. hahaha.... yes, remove the takbolehs.. yes, cannot beat la.. they are at least 2 classes above our players.. we r always the 2nd best if not 3rd..

  6. i thought now they are under nusa mahsuri... not BAM anymore?

  7. 3-0, so cham right.

    @Merryn: wei i know la he look so yao yeng but the way he take off n dance thr not so nice lor. :/

  8. I only watched the front part of the match and Lin Dan was already leading. Well, age may be a factor, Lin Dan is younger and had more stamina. Anyway, agree with your post script.

  9. i think we should fire the coaches.. they cannot deliver good players.

    i am not blame the players but the coaches.

    but i think the most create this problems is the top management level.

  10. Hahaha the topless popping! I have to admit that China's player do played very well that night and our player do try some of their tricks to over the game but nothing seems to be working that night.

    I really hope that our Malaysian team could beat the hell out of China at least once in some prestigious event :D

  11. we have to work harder even the japanese are coming up fast n furious oredi

  12. lin dan is so leng zai...
    and hor.. i didn't watch Msia vs China, but i did watch the final...
    lin dan is darn good!!!