Friday, May 14, 2010

Exciting Weekend

I posed a funny question to my breadfast buddies of whom all are married just the other day. I always have good laughs listening to my funny friends and the gathering of few married men can simply make it hot and spicy.

Question. What can you tell your pals that you can't do likewise to your spouse?

1)Never give her any reason of the lipstick stain on the collar, for you might not remember what you'll tell her in the future.
2)Never tell your spouse that you are able to have sex 7 times a week.
3)Never tell your spouse that you still feel energetic even at your age.
4) Dont ever tell her that you too sometimes resort to masturbation.
5)Dont tell your spouse that suddenly you have the urge of changing to a new brand of condoms, just buy it and use it.
6)Dont tell her that now you have problem of sleeping
7)Again, dont ever tell her that she'd changed, no matter what
8)Dont ever suggest that she should change her nighties when she is about to change to her old one.

Note: Guess which answer came from me?

My wish over the weekend.

1)Thomas Cup : We might just crush the Great Wall, Impossible is Nothing.

2) Sibu By-Election : Despite the "sweets "and the millions given, CHANGE is not far from Heaven

P/S : Happy Weekend. Let's Give Love and God Bless


  1. Tonight 7pm.. off all phone calls, off the door bell as well!! hahahaha.... as if i m got a share in thomas cup.. but then, u can hear me clapping at times during the game.. crazy or not!

  2. Hopefully we can beat China. :D

  3. today is a exciting day!

    i hope we can beat the great wall!

    honestly, after see the giving sweets at sibu, i hope another and another election again. am i stupid? but aleast those people really can voice out what they want... which never listen before.

  4. ok.. lets all of us stay at home tonight and crash the great wall together... :D

    have a nice weekend brother!


  6. u hv a great weekend Eugene.

  7. Tonight i'm gonna glued to the tv for that match. Gonna have heart-attack feeling but still wanna watch. haha.... but with 2 kids, sigh! dunno whether can have the time to sit down for even 3 minutes or not.

  8. It's ok to dream...even if dreams often do not come true! ;)

  9. hhahah u think we will win? my feeling say no leh...but i am hoping lar hahahaa

  10. Malaysia boleh! =D

    happy weekend to u too yea. :))
    God bless u and ur family! =D

  11. The Malaysian Chinese will be rootin' for Malaysia, that's for sure. Let the blardy politicians see that. :)

  12. i think your answer is number 2? haha... you look like one :P

    lin dan defeated chong wei :(

  13. Wild guess No.3

    I didn't get to watch the match, need to read bed time stories for my kids...T-T

    Anyway, teacher Willie got me the result...:(

    Have a great weekend to you!

  14. DAP oledi won in Sibu - tomorrow's voting

  15. agree, except for no. 6 and 7.