Monday, March 01, 2010

My superlatives over the weekend.........

Let me share with you my superlatives over the weekend, the happiest, the funniest, the saddest, the rudest and etc...................

My happiest moments over the weekend............
1) Attended church, still glad to see my two sisters were there with me.
2)The sermon i heard was something that was really very down to earth.
3)Treated my second sister with my eldest sister dinner in conjunction with my second sister's birthday.

How about your happiest moments, care to share ?

My saddest moments over the weekend...........
1)Tried to patch up my mother with my eldest sister over their strained relationship, sad to say my mother was not keen at all.
2)My mother was not willing to attend my second's sister birthday dinner because my eldest sis was there.

I hope you did not have any sad moment over the weekend like i did.

My funniest moments over the weekend.....
1)I wanted to patch up my sister with her partner after a minor row, my effort was in vain because before i could start patching, they were already glued back as before, looks like love conquers all.
2)My eldest son told me this, " papa i really like you and love you but sometimes i also dislike you"

I am sure you have funny things to share over the weekend too, haven't you?

P/S : Thank God for everything


  1. family disputes are very headache

    God bless u!

  2. owh happens in my family now...between my mom and all 6 of us siblings... =(

    just pray....

  3. Hi Eugene,

    Sorry I have been busy. My blog was giving me some problems.

    Family does come first no matter how.It is very tough when they do not get along and everyone else is affected.

    I am so happy to see you going to church and hope you are feeling better.



  4. i has such a mundane weekend....sigh...

    god will only test his people if he knows they can handle it right.... am sure god have a way to work around his magic between your mom/sis.

  5. My happiest moment over the weekends - I cooked Chap Goh Meh dinner for my parents and the rest of the family - popiah and pai tee, plus fish and soup... Simple but everyone enjoyed it and that made me happy! Watch out for the dishes from tomorrow's post onwards...

  6. my happiest is of course spending time with my kids and Gab. hahhaa.. and the saddest is watching them go inside the car and waved goodbye to me.. :(

  7. Guess that's life. Happiness and sadness are along the way of life. Family disputes are the most headache and hard to solve as you can't just quit.
    Take care, bro.

  8. That's life Eugene. We've got to take the good with open arms and the bad with even bigger arms! Family feuds are always very upsetting but you are doing the right thing to try and patch things up. Somebody's got to do it and you'll get all the blessing to volunteer yourself.
    Perservere Eugene, things will resolve themselves soon. Hope it will be sooner rather than later for your family.
    In the meantime, have a great week ahead and take care XX

  9. i was horizontal for the whole of saturday, came down with fever haahah...

  10. my saddest moment last weekend is when my church member passed away. She's very encouraging, cheerful and caring. but at least she's in a better place now.

  11. Wow...your mom is really stubborn huh! :p

  12. Hmm...over the weekend:

    happiest moments : Had a great break and can spend quality time with my own family, especially the kids.

    Saddest moments : When had an argument with hubby / SIL who I need to face everyday. Don't like to see blacken face. Love to have happy moments every single seconds.

    Funniest moments : The kids always make us laugh with their innocent yet cute talks. Can't wait to see them everyday after work.