Friday, March 19, 2010

Just for laughs.........................

Friday is here,before i wish you guys a great weekend, just would love to share this, hope you will like it................

Myself ," Jovial, looks like time really flies, you are now 13 years old now, i can still remember those moments when you were small, seems like yesterday. doesn't it, Jo ?"
Jovial , " Papa, no lah time doesn't really fly that fast."
Myself , " Why you said that,Jo?"
Jovial, " For 13 years, my "kuku bird" (refering to his penis) is still so small and it has got no pubic hair around it yet," (Jovial is my eldest son who is 13)

I was helping an elderly woman across the street the other day, as we made it to the otherside of the road, the elderly woman( age around 60) thanked me profusely, politely i told her there was no need to thank me for the act, for i told her that one day i would be old too. Then suddenly she said this to me," never mind i still have to thank you, UNCLE" (She made me feel that i was not too far from being old)

I was having breadfast with my breadfast buddies(my daily ritual before i start work), while we were talking away, i saw a shabbily dressed lady walking towards us, and indeed she came to us and she stretched her two cupped hands and with her weak voice, she beg for money," can you please give me 1 ringgit?" i said this to her," I cannot give you 1 ringgit, i can only give you 50 cents," Guess her reply was. She said, " Ah Ba (meaning young man), i cant even buy "Kopi O with 50 cents now,"

Hey guys, have a great weekend, and No Matter What, Family First...................

P/S : Say I Love You to someone today, ya


  1. They say beggars can't be choosers but this one's obviously an over-the-top beggar hehe. If I were you, I'd ask her to take it or leave it :D


  2. happy weekend 'uncle'.. muahaha.. :D hey, I thought you suppose to be in KL for holiday? didn't see your 'bayang' also..

  3. Yalor...they used to call me Ah Tee (younger brother)...then Ah Hia (elder brother), then Ah cHeck (Uncle)...and soon Ah Pek (old man)!!! Sobs!!!!

  4. I hope my "I Love You" goes to the right person though.. :P

  5. Akakakakkakak.. LMAO-ed at Cikgu's statement. Haiyorr, dun worry. I'll call you Cikgu forever. You can be sure that at least one person wun call you APEK! LMAO.

  6. How come beggars also showing their attitude nowadays? Because things really going expensive nowadays? lol

  7. a monk askedmy ex-colleagues for donation during lunch time.He gave rm2 and the monk give him back and asked for rm10!

  8. lol @ jovial.
    got ppl called me aunty too when i ordered food :< haih

  9. This is the thing i do to bogus monks. I reach out to hold their hands and start chanting. It scares the hell out of them! lolz
    But actually, I'm trying to give them an imprint never to cheat in Buddha's name, or any other holy beings to that effect.

    I do hope nobody encourages them to go on with the crime, cause monks are not supposed to ask for anything except food at dawn.

  10. Uncle - Ah Ba = Ah Ba. So u still young kok lah, Eugene. Happy weekend to u and ur family.

  11. i will tell her u want or not else no more wakaka - abit rude right.

    happy weekend to you and family too!

  12. looks like she was just looking for a free meal from everyone instead of trying to wish for the kindness of people willing to help her..

  13. hehe...,i told my sons that there little AK47 is gonna grow "bushes" someday - they chuckled .
    have a nice weekend,Eugene !

  14. LOL... The 'UNCLE's one is a good one, I like it! It seems time flies before we have even realised, so I'm learning to enjoy every second I live...

    Have a great week ahead!

  15. wahaha it brighten up my exhausted day, thanks for sharing. BTW my fren did met this kind of beggar and he replied that beggar sit down I buy you lunch. Guess what the beggar will wake away with #$%&^&&* keke