Friday, March 12, 2010

If i were to be Jack Neo..................

I was watching a 8 o'clock Mandarin news last night, towards the end of the news, a short news carried the clip of the press conference held by Jack Neo the celeb from Singapore who is currently embroiled in some kind of extra marital scandals. ( no need elaboration here) and what pained me the most was the agony, the frustration, the helplessness, the confusion and the pain the most innocent victim had to go through, in this instance, it was the wife of Jack Neo.

The scenes of the wife making statement till the moment she cried that led to her break down in front of the thousands flash lights clicking away, that scene itself really warrants me to extend my respect to this woman for her sacrifice and for the pain that she is going through in protecting the family.

Woke up this morning at about 6.30, and as i was saying prayer, asking God for the blessing and what not, funny thing happened during that short session, suddenly i felt like the Man Above was asking me this question... "what would you do if you were to be Jack Neo ?" for i read some where that Jack was a Christian. Ok,,ok,, I told The Man Above that i would think about it , and today being Friday, good to think something else besides work.

Going through half century of life and the terrible mistakes i'd made that came with fame and money, now i realized that the clout i commanded with fame and money was in fact distratrous to me and to the people i love and God in fact never intended for me to fall this hard.

I would now be totally humble enough to apologize to all the people i had hurt wrongly or rightly, and i would do everything that i could to ask for forgiveness from the people i love but i'd hurt.

And now I'd yield myself once again to God and be guided once again by the purpose that he had installed for me. For the remaining years of my life, i would want to be used as an instrument by God to tell man what's wrong and what's right. May be for once God will use me to save families from breaking up from the same kind of mistakes that i'd made.

This what I'd would do if I were to be Jack Neo

Have a great weekend guys and God bless

P/S : Those who have no sin, shall cast the first stone and the Pharisees were silent.


  1. my heart goes out to Irene too, she doesn't deserve this at all. She has to standby her man now and keep her family together and that is why she's forgiving him, to save his career too.

    I am just totally disappointed with this %$$#@

  2. If I were Jack Neo...I would divorce my wife and gave her all my money. LOL :D

  3. hmm.. i dunno leh..
    but sometimes i just feel like it's hard to trust anyone nowadays..
    ya.. everyone knows having affair is not right, not fair for their partner and etc.. but they still do it anyway...
    But i think the Jack still deserve a forgiveness from public and especially his wife, at least he is willing to stand out and admit his fault like a man.. Just pity his wife, she really doesn't deserve this all.. haih.. T.T

    i feel i am so old now wtf..

  4. This is big news in Spore since last Sunday...

  5. Hrm... I'm not Jack Neo nor his wife, shouldn't give any comments about the scandal though... I just hope this would not happen to me.

  6. it's not about deserving or not's Jack's wife bad luck or...hard when you missed the ball ,playing tennis on the tennis court.the wife will never forgive him.younno why? becoz the wife is still sane.and when you're still sane,you'll never forget.and when you never forget....,forget about the word "forgiveness".may be there's another better word than's up to each individual how you substitutes your "forgiveness".if i were to be Jack,i'll leave my wife.i try to make sure my children's financial needs are met & whatever monies i can give,i'll give it to my wife for her to decide her own next plan.i still be around to check how's my kids doing(nobody can stop me).if this happened when you have full grown kids,then they should knows "what an onions smells/tastes like after eating one",they may refuse to see me or even look at my face,then it's up to them.i earned my "Pulitzer Prize" becoz while i was riding another horse,i forgot about them or my ,if i offended any of you readers out there,you can screw me if you want - afterall this is an open forum.

  7. My heart also goes to his wife, for standing strong and still can forgive what her man done. However I can never forgive this man as he disgrace his family. shame on him.

  8. I look up to Jack Neo's wife and respect her. She forgave him and is also staying strong for her family and marriage. Have a good weekend too.

  9. jack neo's is lucky to have her and should not take her for granted.

  10. I remembered the Ming dynasty (if i'm not mistaken) who have 300++ mistress..

  11. I do feel so sorry for this wife and to me, I can't understand how she can stand by him after all those things done to her. Hope she has the courage to remain strong. Let this be a lesson to all men to think using their head and not the other 'head'

  12. His wife is really protecting him even after he done something like that. If I am his wife, I will just pack my bag and leave. But guess she loves the family above everything.

  13. Just saw this - just wanna say agrees totally with the P.S part - Humans so quick to CONDEMN others, that they never see the "specks" in their own eyes....