Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sorry.... I was dead wrong.

I went to pick my Jovial up from school yesterday,and i learnt a so called life lesson from an embarassing situation i was in. So the story goes...................

As it was another 30 minutes before my Jovial could come out from school, so i took a stroll along the shops opposite the school, i came to a coffee shop ala Starbuck style and i saw a newspaper on the table, i grabbed a sit, ordered my drink and sat down.

As i was leafing through the pages of newspaper,there came a man shabbily dressed bent towards me and said something like this " so ok we can share the newspaper" thus he took the central spread of the newspaper and took the whole chunk of it without asking my permission, i squinted at him with disgust and really felt like telling him off.

I was already fuming mad and i could not believe that how could there be a man so rude and blatantly ill-mannered to do what this man did, i could not help to throw my disgusted glances at him over my shoulder and surprisingly he acted non-chalantly towards me,that got me even more mad.

Not long after, this guy walked towards me and gently put back the newspaper supposedly he took from me and walked back to his seat, i got real boiling mad at him simply because i was thinking to myself how could this guy not even saying "thank you" to me for snatching away the newspaper from me and i told myself i really needed to give him the real piece of me, just before i could look back at him with the intention of scolding him, he.................................

He came towards me and politely he said this to me." i am sorry brother, i need to run now, and i need my newspaper back, if you dont mind?" I was like biting the bullets coming from my own gun.

There i was acting as if i was righteous and scornful towards the one who was really righteous, the one who was willing to share his newspaper with me, when he shouldn't need to. To be very frank i felt real bad about myself and about my superficial rightiousness.

Q)Have you ever wronged a person when he was all right but you?


p/s : Next Time, i would allow myself sometimes before i judge....


  1. I am sure I am the 1st.. coz I was here 10 minutes ago before this post is up.. muahahhaa.....

    aiyo, the man didn't tell you in advance it's his? maybe he also paiseh la...

  2. Yes it's good to give ppl the benefit of the doubt sometimes... It happened to me many times. It's my paper and I left it on the table, when I came back, it was taken by someone else, I either:

    -let him have it since I've read it
    -Ask to have it back


  3. I've real a similar story in E-mail. regarding Cookies.

    Didn't know it can actually happen. This round it happen to you. Could be a sign for something.

    Maybe it's a sign not only for you. For all of us too.

    You blogging about it makes me realise lately i have been "wearing coloured glasses to look at people".

  4. yes..there was once an email about the cookies.. and yours was about newspaper.. these cases really happen in real life, the lady was also intimadated by another man's eating her cookies without asking her permission, wanted to scold him when she realized that her own packet was still untouched... so it seems she has been eating the man's cookies instead of her of own packet.. :)
    that gives us a proverb to ponder, do not take things for granted and another is do not judge the book by its cover, meaning a shabbily dressed man doesnt mean that he cannot read nor buy newspaper..
    great lesson to share with us today, eugene..

  5. look at it another light.. it's only papers.. even if it's your's . . . no need to get upset mah... hai mai ?

  6. Hahahaha :D Aiyoh...that's why bro. Have to know know who's the owner of the paper 1st before you wanna shoot some bullet. :p

  7. It happened to me once... I came to an empty table and started using the box of tissue on the table, thinking it was provided by the restaurant. The real owner was nice though... he let me used the tissue to my satisfaction, on the table he booked earlier, to take my meal. I only realised it when he finished his meal, came over, smiled and told me the box of tissue was his, before he left. Hahaha... I was so embarassed.

  8. hhhahhahah imagine if u had scolded him....tat would be worse....

  9. It really pays to have a calm and collected mind. :)

  10. Aiyoh, so embarrasing. He should have tell you it's his paper in the first place.

  11. ya, thank god u just kept quiet, otherwise real shameful oh.

  12. err...this sounds like one story i read before on cookies. Well, it always pays to be courteous and furthermore, the paper is not yours, so share lor...

  13. LOL! Eugene! Both me and william are laffing our heads off here :D hahaahahhaha...

  14. @smallkucing.... bwahahahahahahaha!!! Wearing coloured glasses to look at people. o.O omg...Kathy, what does that supposed to mean. I'll probably kerploink if you go on with your idioms.... OMG.... LOL-ed til my cheeks are painful!

  15. oh gosh! Luckily you did not punch in his face. hehe...