Saturday, December 05, 2009

Remember the Forgotten(s)......

Today's being friday, my favourite day of the week, dont know why i always have this kind of sexy feeling when friday comes knocking........ok, for this Friday i want to declare today as a day(for those in relatioship or in marriage) "The Day to Remember The Forgotten(S)" to your partner or spouse,things that we have let them slipped through our fingers, those little things and sometimes the most insignificant of all, so today let us rekindle those little things.
My Forgotten(S)

For the past few days, i have forgotten to hold my lovely's wife hand,whenever i am driving her in my car. This is the promise that i made to her when i changed my car from manual to automatic transmission engine about 14 years ago, to me i can still remember saying this to her," when i change to auto, one hand i hold on to the steerling wheel, the other i will hold on to yours"

I have failed to give her a massage before she retires to bed, whenever she is too tired after reading her tonnes of emails, and the funny thing is she just reminded me of this last night and i was too tired to do it for her...

I have not taken her out for our binging hour for our favourite Guiness Draft and Kilkeneey Draft, i know she longs for this winding down especially on a friday night.

I have not been sending her SMS, telling her "I Love You" for a while now, i know she knows that i do love her, but making "I Love You" sounds better, is the least i can do for my lovely wife.
Ok, that's all i want to do for my lovely wife, how about you?

If you think your relationship is kind of strained or stale as of now,try to relive those courting moments that both of you once cherished, try it please.

P/S : There is some sexiness in everyone of us, exhibit it, show it and manifest it..


  1. The ever sweetness of you and your wife :).

    I tell hubby everyday I love him... he does the same to me. We call each other when we have the chance... of course it has slowly died down because both of us are just too busy. But we never fail to say I love you once a day :).

    I do not see him every day so I can't hold his hand :P. But of course I rather not to sometimes for some reason I rather no reveal ^_^ haha!

  2. I think I am doing almost all the things you mentioned here every day minus the massage part. Perhaps I'm not that good with it. Gotta learn o. :p

  3. ur wife is indeed lucky! I am sure no women can resists this type of romance!!!!

  4. Anyway I have just cared for you bro. have a nice sexy Friday. :p

  5. how sweet of u....have a good wkend ahead :)

  6. MUST learn from u,sifu!

    happy weekend to you and family

  7. Your wife is a lucky woman :D The only person who holds my hand these days is Ethan! :P

  8. occasionally I did sms my wife from work. Guess all these little stuffs will get the relationship going.

  9. Friday is indeed a good day because i am not working on saturday. Hahaha

    Oh yes, don't forget to do things that you have forgotten yeah?

  10. what a suweeet husband you are and make sure you don't forget to perform all next fri =P

  11. Mmmm, good tips to spice up a marriage! Have a nice sexy weekend BRo!

  12. Sweet gesture, I'm sure wifey is thrilled to read this post. :)

    The only thing I could manifest for is my bolster Ewwwwwww! what to do, unattached mah! :(

    Have a wonderful weekend! ^_^


    Hubby and I do ALL THE ABOVE AND MORE....still HONEYMOON for us ler.



  14. *sighhhh* I think my novel characters have more romance than I do. This entry makes me wistful...

    I don't remember when was the last time my husband told me he loves me. I can't remember... was it a few years ago? *shrugs*

    Sigh.... my neck is throbbing, and the closest thing I can get as a massage is probably the hot shower. But even then I couldn't get a good relaxing shower cuz my boy will make so much noise when I showered. =( So tired sometimes! I wish someone could just give me a break!

  15. Gee... that's so romantic. Hand holding in the car but take care not to apply the emergency brake or else the hand might just shift the gear elsewhere :)

    btw, you might wanna check out my other blog here (if i've not told you about it already).

    Cheers :)

  16. you are so sweet..yr wife must be very happy..

  17. Hey Eugene,
    Can I please make a request?
    How about having a blog archive so that I can read your past post to know you and your family better?
    I lost the post with your son's website...what is it again?


  18. ^-^
    you are sooooooooooooooooo romantic..
    must ask tobby to read your post!

  19. to rmb n to take action on them

    A smile from SJ =)

  20. wow...thanks for the tips! shall try it next time. :D

  21. Haha. I did hold my wife hands while driving recently. We got closer now and do things that we forgotten sometimes. We are happy now. Nice post.

  22. How sweet.....wifey will surely smile reading this. I wish my hubby can read this too....he forgets some important things too....oooo.....

  23. I've been reading your blog silently, and I've learnt alot about husbands or men through it.

  24. Wow! You are such a good husband. Your wife is very lucky : )