Monday, December 07, 2009

Of SMS and A Full Moon

I may sound kind of arhaic or outdated in my thinking, but there is one thing i really hate and loathe when it comes to family and sincerity or the lack of the stories go.

Story No 1,

I received an SMS from my younger sister with the text that reads something like this," I am holding a Christmas party on the 24th of Dec, can come or not?" personally i never like an invitation channelled through SMS, to me it always makes me feel that the invitation is not sincere,or just mere obliging.

When i received that SMS from my younger sister, i was not so happy about it,i was thinking why cant it be a telephone call, or was it so hard for a telephone call? Then over the weekend, i wanted to know if what i was feeling made any sense, i made a random survey from my friends about my malaise of this SMS.

I concluded that about 90 % of my friends could identify with my not so nice feeling (simply because it was between a older brother and a younger sister, and we live like less than 4 kilometeres away)

So what do you think?

Story No 2,

Last Saturday was my nephew's daughter full moon celebration, according to Chinese custom,on this auspicious day, my nephew should personally give the elders the full moon gifts to mark the occasion, but it was not the case as far as my nephew was concerned.

Instead of he carrying out the duty, it was my sister(my nephew's mother) calling me asking me if i was at home so that she could pass the full moon gift to me, when i heard it, i was kind of mad and diplomatically i declined her on the pretext that i didnt like the full moon food.

Seriously what have we all become? where is the family value now, why are the youngs not taught about the value of family? or are we like what Oscar Wilde said , " we know the prices of everything but the value of nothing."

Q) So what do you think?

P/S : It's so funny how we dont talk anymore..........


  1. I'm ok with the sms..well, nowadays sms are very common. So, don't take it too seriously.

    However, I do agree with you that these should be done by the parents and not asking people to do for them.

    Nice week ahead bro!

  2. haahhaha i am the kind of person who loves to sms....and find sms convenient bcs unlike phonecall, i will never know what it is regarding if i cannot pick up the fone, but sms always delivers the message and also i can pretend to be seriously occupied heheh...

  3. About sms, it depends, some ppl are so used to sms-ing that they didnt think it is not so well with some others. Depends on how u take it, as for me, it is ok, i can reply thru sms too, going or not.. but for your case, u can always ring her up..
    as for the full moon, it is understandable that the parents are always in charge of all these and not the son/daughter in law, i think it is very common too... i dont mind the parents of the baby not delivering.. not really..

  4. it's depends.....we should know whom should be invited by calling them and who else can use sms....

  5. u see...the trend nowadays is sms-ing cos one will think saves time n money. for me, depending on what, let say my office. i will never accept my staff sms me saying they r on mc, on leave, emergency cos i set the rule..if u cant make it to work, u must call. because i can always "char" back my staff n say..i didnt receive such sms..ahhaahha

  6. Sms?

    Hmm...personally bro, I don't mind receiving invitation through sms. Hhehe

  7. I think it depends. Like me and my bro, we get to meet each other every weeks, so we will ask if we are seeing each other. Other days if we are not meeting, then we use sms to confirm date and time.

    But let say if relatives that I seldom meet, then I will make phone call instead of sms.

  8. I think it is the cheaper way of transmitting a message across and the receipent is bound to get it instead of missing a call. It is the same like blogging... why do you use blogging to tell people who you feel? Why not email them individually or call them up? Just an example don't take too harsh aight?

    As for your nephew's case, eventually it is much easier for your sister to pass out because gives her a chance to sit down with her brother to chat, and maybe because your nephew is busy with other things that he can't make it and mommy was eager?

  9. I am fine with sms as it give u more time to consider and reply...
    For the full moon cake, i'm fine with it too, because it's seem normal to me. My sis ask my dad to help deliver the wedding biscuit and card to relatives cos that way, dad can catch up and chit chat with them. ;)

  10. haha...i am still young though, so dunno how's it like really. but for me, invitation through sms is quite find though, better than she asked someone else to come and invite you right? cheers...:)

  11. Hmm... depending on the person. If close (like sis/bro/cousin/best friends), SMS is ok. Both brother and I used to do this.

    As for the fullmoon, I also think it is ok. Maybe your nephew has something on? Most of the relatives plus myself, had our parents to help us to deliver the full moon cakes to other relatives + friends. It is a happinese shared by the grandparetns!

  12. I don't mind invitation by sms coz sometimes calls caught me at a bad time. Text messages I can reply at my own convinience.

    As for full moon goodies, most of the time the Grandparents would contact those same age(rank) with them to proudly announce their newborn grandchild while the parents would contact those same age(rank) as them.

  13. I can EMPATHIZE with you, Eugene! Not to add more fuel to upset you, but as an elder sister, I will be so OFFENDED with the SMS! Kind of RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to me ... but again, I ALWAYS ASK EVERYONE TO SMS ME... as I do not answer my phone and always prefer TEXTING. LOL. However, if ANY of my siblings send me an sms I really can imagine them doing that as THEY DO NOT VALUE THINGS THE WAY WE DO ANYMORE?

    Again, I can understand why you get upset with the moon cakes but AGAIN, you do not know THE REASONS, so, like Claire said, it could have been just a matter of convenience?

    Honestly, I used to be the ONLY one in my generation to uphold TRADITIONS in my family but ever since I have been disowned by my mother, I was not even invited to my ONLY sister's WEDDING. I was hurt but HEY, AGAIN WHAT KIND OF MOTHER WILL DISOWN HER DAUGHTER OVER MONEY RIGHT???

  14. same here... ok iwth invite via sms, as for passing stuff, normally rank to a rank i guess and also convenient, but if my aunt live 5km from me, the i drive myself lar...

  15. I am not so sure. Cuz I communicate with written words better than with speech. I often feel awkward talking to relatives, so I ended up sms-ing them more than calling them up.

    If you tink sms is horrible... wait til you hear my story. Being invited to friend's wedding via Facebook... lagi syiok...more geng than sms ah! But younger generation these days make use of social networking. Please don'take it to the heart, Eugene. Sometimes it's juat a matter of convenience. unless of course... if they are very close to u. Ur case may be diff.

    Between me, my mum, dad and sis... I prefer to call up any day than sms! Becoz they are closer to me!