Friday, November 13, 2009

The worse of

I was blog surfing last night, and i stumbled upon this particular blog which kind of caught my attention simply because she had got 3 posts in relation to marriage,albeit the failed one and the not so nice things a man could do to a woman.(cant name the blog because i have not got her approval yet, some of you should know who cos i saw your comments left in her blog.)

So i decided to share my thoughts about the worse a man can do to a woman in the following lists. (mind you, this is solely my thought, any smiliariality is purely coincidental). ok let share

1) You were not there even once accompanying her to see gyanea during her pregnancy check ups. (unless you have very good reasons to do so) and dont you know there is a thing called pre natal anxiety.

2)During her confinement period, you were out there having jolly good times every night without attending to her needs, (dont you know, there is a thing called post natal depression)

3)You lavish and splash your money outside upon other girls, and come back and tell your wife you are broke and have to borrow money from her, or she has got to stand in to pay all the bills.

4)You keep a mistress outside, that is very bad and the worse is when your mistress is a man.....

5)You go fuck other girls outside, and you couldn't care less if you would inflict sicknesses to your wife. (Dont you know there is no such thing as 100 % precaution, worse still when the precaution is only made of rubber and not steel)

6)She works hard 9 to 5 outside, and you still believe that it is solely her responsibility to see that the house is in order when you come back. ( I am not your superwoman, i'm not that kind of girl....)

7)You say that your wife is no longer good on bed, when you yourself is so selfish on bed.(if you know what i mean) ,how can she be good when your protruding, heavy and odd size beer belly is on her, she cant even find a comfortable position, damn you.

8)You complain that your wife is a slob and boorish, when all her money is spent for the family and she does not even have the spare to beautify herself. And when she wants to buy a good dress, you tell her no need, cos she will look the same when she is undressed.

9)You dont respect her parents and you expect her to do otherwise to yours. (dont you know one day you will be someone else's in law too)

10)You dont say anything good about your wife, worse still you do it in front of your friends.(dont you know you are more stupid if you think you'd made a stupid choice).

11)When you cant satisfy her sexually, you always put the blame on her, it is her own fault and never yours, you thought that your pre-ejaculation is good enough for her. (come one even sexual dyfunction can be remedied, what is pre-E, no sweat. medical advancement now man)

12) And the worst a man can do to a woman is when you abuse her physically on the pretext that you cant control yourself and you ask for forgiveness but again and again you let history repeat itself.

This is just a out of the norm of my blog posting, dont know why suddenly felt like doing this, by the way do you have any to add on to my list?

P/S : I am not biased, there the good, the bad and the ugly irrespective of.....


  1. 12) You said you can get everything else but not her heart. As if she's very hard to please and without showing any sincerity to get the relationship better.

  2. hahaha.. so true! No one is perfect. Just need realization. :) Happy Friday Eve!

  3. 13) she's done all her best to dress and make up nicely for you yet you accuse her of trying to seduce other men. when she is not dressing up you started to make it an excuse to find a more 'fashionable' string of mistresses =/

  4. Here's the thing about guy, if a guy doesnt appreciate much about a girl, no matter what went wrong they will always blame the girl 1st.

    girl on the other hand, when they are madly in love with a guy, they will just take the blame just so that both could still be in the relationship.

    guy will always take advantage of this and will make full use of it. its one of the way for man to take control over the girl.

    girls please dont always appear so weak. know the boundaries of hows much a love can contain. i dont think one should suffer and the other should abuse.

    rambling thoughts -_-

  5. very well said eugene. now, let's see wat's the worst a woman can do to a man?

  6. This post is depressing.. :(

    But the truth is, there are people like that out there. What a world we have here. We need more good people to balance out all this ugliness..

  7. sick bastard.

    It is like he is in it for the sex and not the love and care... I used to read a blog somewhere about a wife and she finally move on.. but sadly, I lost her link :(.

  8. good!

    Agree with you.

    nowadays, girl/woman feel very tired cause they need to work outside not like 80s lo...especially people live in KL.

  9. All those sounds an excuse - no matter how good is the wife, she's always no good in the husband's eye and he will always give any reasons to do things he wants to do and without feeling guilty about it.

  10. yo~~ especially the fuck other girl outside!
    i really cannot accept that [Scorpio ok]

    then the other day, a friend of mine and I were talking about this topic..
    she said if the man still truly loves her, she doesn't really care because the man still knows how to go back home himself. The man knows just "feng chang zuo xi", not really serious one, so she can understand and forgive!

    so, question! really got such thing as "逢场作戏"?when the man hugging/kissing another girl is just 逢场作戏?

    nah.. i still cannot accept that..

  11. speechless...(coz im agreeing 100%)

    & dem those kinda man (which im always trying to stay away from...sob)

  12. Such is life, but unless that man is insane, I wonder what are his reasons that made us come up with this list, or are we generalizing?

    I agree 100%, but I thought of playing the devil's advocate here, since there could be a cause/reason to everything. :-)

    Of course, there are some points that CANNOT be reasoned no matter what. All in all, it just showcases the man's ego and insecurity.

  13. haiz... how come some men nowadays are just so weak ah? no more those 'responsible' come first when it's fun, and immoral!

    and I hope this lady will be able to stand strong on her own feet..

    and the worst? the man impregnated 2 ladies at the same time and keep delaying to disclose till one of them is lying on the hospital bed after giving birth!!

  14. @ dolly: got lar...i always did hahahhaahha...but the difference is i am still single lor so i can hug anyone i like kakakkaa....anyway, if you cant commit, dont ever marry!

  15. can't take it if the man has mistresses..

  16. Very true...most guys have at least one of these traits. But also cannot blame all on the guys la..hahahaha

  17. Eugene... as far as I can see... the man is just using the woman as a vessel to take care of his home and his brat. There's nothing more than that. Merely a vessel for him to slake his needs, etc etc. A true son of a bitch.

    It doesn't matter what she does to please him, he'll still be unsatisfied, for he is no longer in love with her.


    @Daniel Chiam... I think you misunderstood women. Sometimes, women did not stay in an unhappy marriage because she blindly love her husband, but she has to think for the sake of her children. You are not a woman, so you probably do not know how it felt like when earlier on in marriage, you quit your job to devote your bloody life for your husband and chilren, only to find that the husband becomes an assholes afterwards. Most women stays in an unhappy marriage because they find it hard to start their life over after such things happened. It is not easy, you know? And things could get worst too if she asks for divorce, only to risk loosing her child/children to the ruthless husband/in laws. A woman may restart her life easily if she's not happily married and have no children. But it'll be different if you have children and no financial/family support. I am a woman and mother, so I know. The word is not WEAK, Daniel. It's sacrificial. Sometimes we have no choice but to stay in an unhappy marriage for our children's sake.

  18. How many are you guilty of? None, I guess. You're such a good husband and father! Keep it up!

  19. No worries I don't do any of those that you mentioned. :) I love my wife so much and Can't even see her tired what more hurt. :D

  20. Anyway I have just cared for you bro. Enjoy your weekend. :)