Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friend from Ipoh, Indeed sudah Mari

Something nice ( i mean very nice) happened to me yesterday morning, it all started with a SMS message that read something like this " Good morning boss, am in Penang, going to check in Gurney now, want to pass something to you, if possible for you to come before 12 noon, " didnt know who that was because i lost some of my contacts when my ex phone went kaput.

I was thinking who could be so good in giving me something,so i called back, no answer, and she called back, Voila!!!!!!! she was someone that i have been longing to meet for so many moons and suns, and she was none other than Claire.

I was truly moved and touched by the simple gesture of Claire's, to call me up and wanting to meet up with me so without a split second of hesitation, i told her to give me 30 minutes(actually i didn't need 30 minutes to get there but you know, i have to go to the powder room and make myself look presentable ma! first impression doest come again the second time, right?)

Claire is my blogger friend, we have been blogging friends since last year, she is one of my fav bloggers to say the least, she has never failed to amaze me with her blogging skill and her tenacity in keeping her blog updated faster than you take your next breath( exaggerate a bit lah) but indeed she is a prolific blogger.

I guess non bloggers will never understand and enjoy the serendipity as we do by just blogging, the joy and those edifying words we get from our fellow blogger friends.

Q) Hey guys, please take a guess what did Claire present to me as a gift?

This is to you Claire, dont ever call me Boss again, otherwise i will banish myself from you..we are friends ma.

Claire's site is here.... http://www.reanaclaire.com/

P/S : Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you got to do is call................


  1. haha...that's wonderful. yea, blogging is really fun, and even better when we get to know friend through blogging! all the best blogging. :D

  2. Can i give some answers?

    Clothes or Food or White Coffee?

  3. CCF lor.... SIGH
    She made me so hungry!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ok,,, OK she presented me some foods,,,

    Clue no 1. they come in different sizes.

    Clue no 2..What is outside may not be what is inside.

    Clue no 3... Most of the time, when you eat them, they are cold already but they still taste very nice.

    Clue no 4....They come from the "furnace" but they still maintain their texture...

    Winner will be rewarded with the same kind form who else but Claire,hahahahahah

  5. I remember correctly... she met you quite some time back...

    So... hmm I would say mooncakes! That or is the recent chocolate chip cookies she made ;).

    Such great people... It is nice to have great friends to share joy and sadness, anger and confusion and you found one in Claire (and I hope all of us too! hahaha).

  6. indeed non bloggers will understand the feeling of meeting up with another blogger..it feels like we have known each other for a long long time even though meeting for the 1st time

    ps: pls post pic of the present hahaha...cant wait!

  7. Hmm..cheese cake? walnut chip cookies? or better yet...all the famous Chee Cheong Fun from Ipoh!

  8. i wonder if you'll be the same excited if this other little ms. ipoh is going to penang too..hmmm hmmmmm~

    i know what claire gave you!! erm...kaya puffs??

  9. :) eugene, all ur powder effort paid off lah. i heard u are one 'leng chai' there! :P

    claire gave u food eh? her potato chicken?! lol.. :P

  10. Wai wai,all the wrong answer i got here,,, go and get your mind working again,,,,,,, cos i am abut to finish all Claire has given me, thought of giving some away to the winner, looks like mmmmmmmm

  11. War...so she came to see you lar? Hmm....I think she passed some chee cheong fun for you? LOL :D

  12. How about home made cookies? :p

  13. look how blogging can do miracle for us...i appreciate good friends,n virtual friends are one of them...

    hope ur friendship lasts! yup, non bloggers wont understand this kind of connection hehehe

    chocolates!!! they are chocolates! hahahaha

  14. Oh...so you've met claire! Hope to go to meet her in Ipoh next week...or maybe she'll come to SP to meet me....(since you are not interested in meeting up with me anymore. Sulk! Sulk!)

    P.S. She gave you Perak "heong pean"?

  15. Ah! Finally you meet up with claire. :)

    Claire give you ipoh famous charcoal "heang peang" ar?

  16. hahahah..me and STP got the same answer ar?

  17. eugene, u want to tar kong koe ah? hahaha.. cham lo..next time, i got to order a container for all my bloggers frens out here..hahhaa... i dont mind doing that if i m capable..hahahaha.. all thanks to eugene..
    eh, eugene, give me some time, i m going to blog about tonight with pic.. (hope it wont show u so leng chai, cos u will overshadow me.. on the other hand, better u be leng chai so that u belanja me makan next time!)
    seems almost everyone tot i bring down ccf for u..hahahaha.. dont malu me la, eugene.. my small token now become centre of attraction, malu-nya when they see the small packets..and said "sigh, this only, is it!!!"

  18. Dear Claire,

    From the bottom-est of my heart, i thank you, seriously. It is not the gift that counts really,it is the simple thought of remembering a friend that you took the effort to meet despite your busy itinery that really touched my heart.

    dont worry, next time you dont have to give to others for i had told you to the best of your capacity, i will be your prioirty as far as the biscuits are concerned.

    Looks Like Annie Q and STP hit the bull eyes.hahahah

  19. dont la like that.. no favoritism one...hahhaa.. slowly slowly will meet up with more and more of our frens here.. one day we must really organize one meeting la.. there r so many others i would like to meet up with.. i guess the next one will be STP!! YES, STP?

  20. Yee Hup heong peah ? Eh.. if I'm correct, no need to share with me, keep for yourself. Very good and very cepat finish. I still hv stock at home. I'm a heong peah lover.. hahahaha !

  21. booo! :P

    thought she would give you the homemade cookies hahaha!

  22. nice..
    i think she gave you something to eat..
    or drink! =)


  23. sat kei ma from ipoh?
    hahah.. or cookies.. just back from her blog. hehehe...

  24. Hey eugene~ yes i saw your picture in Claire's blog~ LOL~ You wear so formal :p

  25. hey u not put ur photos here ???

  26. must be gunung rapat heong peah..

  27. wah....my cousin sis claire didn't even bought me anything.... *jealous*
    I need to do a street demo in front of her home when im back soon!

  28. Foods from Ipoh? Hehe.
    I will sure call you if I landed in Penang.

  29. Ok Ok, Claire gave me three bag full of "heong peang" fragrant biscuits, i purposely didnt want to put pictures of it,, cos otherwise you see it, then i got no chance again to ask Claire give some more ma.