Thursday, October 15, 2009

I hate these words..............

1st scenario.

An old friend called me yesterday, wanting to do lunch with me, i happily said all right, time fixed he would come to my office by 12.30 pm. So as the clock kept tickling way, it was already 12.31 pm,(time as shown in my pc), and my friend was no way sighted, gave him a call,"Hey GS, where are you? " he said " on the way, be there in 10 minutes"

Ten minutes has passed, he was still not present yet,hit a redial key on my keyphone," hey GS, you coming or not ? " i sounded a bit fuming and he said "Dont worry, i'm on the way" , and indeed he finally showed up about 1.15pm.

Words that i hate : On the way because it makes me feel slighted.
How bout yours?

2nd scenario,

I met a friend who is in his mid fifties, he is well built, still full of spunk and exudes confidence, but my good impressions towards him drained when i made this comment and the comment returned to mine.

" Ooi, wah you look great lah, full of energy and spunk, it is very hard to maintain such a healthy and fit body at your age, i admire you lah" and Ooi's reply to my comment was as such " where got, you look better than i do"

words that i hate : where got, because it makes feel as if i am currying favor from you, or trying to buttering up

Q) how about yours?

3rd scenario,

Everytime i take my sons out for food at the coffeshop, it always happens from my eldest when he is asked what he wants to eat, and most often then not, his reply will be i dont know, and everytime he says these words, i will get kind of mad.

words that i hate : i dont know, because it makes me feel that i am asking in vain.

Q) how about yours?

P/S : I guess besides Black and White, there's still a thing called Grey Area


  1. agreed with u..on the way is very vague..normally i ask what time reaching.. or i say i reach around 10 min, 15 min, half hour.. never say on the way already.. :)

    where got? maybe he is being humble ma.. or maybe he tot u r asking for a cup of teh tarik.. :)

    i dont know? that 3 words, my girl sama la.. she will say the same thing at times ... esp when we go to the food court...

  2. 1. On the way, to be safe in case he's late. I hate that too! But if it's not really long, then it's ok. Otherwise, I will ask which time zone are you in? Thailand?

    2. I guess that's Asian style -- being humble. I guess people are not confident enough to say, thank you. :)

    3. Haha.. Next time just ask, Hokkien mee? Wantan mee? Make the decision in the first place if you don't want to hear that 3 words.

  3. dun ever tell me u r on da way.. as that is like not telling me anything at all..

    where got? lol.. i use that all the time.. so guilty here lor...

  4. oh YES!! I hate those words too!

    If one tells me 'on the way' I ask, WHERE?

    and those I Don't Know when come to food, I will just not eat!

  5. #1: on the way....they shouldnt be...they should arrive on time and not on the way....another word i hate is "traffic jam lar"...then how the hell i get in on time? helicoptered in?? :)

    #2: where got = shy but accept whatever ppl said wholeheartedly and i bet he spent 10 minutes more in front of the mirror in the bathroom that night :)

    #3: i said that all the time HAHAHAHAHAH......

  6. Ha ha, I don't know what to eat response also kind of make me mad!

  7. Those are words to describe lack of commitment or lazy. Hahahaha

  8. =.="
    except for the first scene, i think u gonna hate me too.

    #1: hahahah.. i wont use "on the way", i am like "OKOK!! I AM FLYING OVER THERE NOW!"

    # 2&3 i used them very frequentin my daily conversation..

    oh.. the word i hate is "cincai la..", but I use this quite frequent also.. HAHAHAHAH

  9. I usually just go with "Anything you're having. you like-lah" I don't know usually gets me in a situation where I don't want to be hehee.

    I dislike the word "you say-leh" especially with a tone... if I knew I won't ask a question and have you answering "you say-leh" duh! hahaha :P

  10. Well...a lot of people like to use on the way huh! Why not? Because they could still be in their home and can be considered on the way! :p

  11. Where it a habit already? I mean it became a person's speech because he/she use it too often? :p

    Anyway I have just cared for you today bro.

  12. i dislike those words too, yet i used them very often, teehee!

  13. My 3 yr old says : I also dunno ? I can't get mad with her, just yet.

    Yes, those 'on the way' ppl are VERY ANNOYING ! I once told someone off whose 'on the way' 15 mins walk ended up with her arriving in 45 mins. I blew my top and I never saw her again.

    Some ppl very 'heem' , can never take praises. These ppl also quite sien to talk to and they'll never tell you the truth. I've met many of them.

  14. Like my husband lah, when asked what he wants to eat, always says 'I don't know'. Nanti I suggest something, he says he doesn't fancy that. Then I say, 'You DO know what you want to eat then!!'. Aiya! Very mah-fan!

  15. becomes a habit when nobody got angry over it..

  16. ya, i hate people tell me they are "on the way". Usually i will ask, "on the way? You mean you just out from home????!!!"

    "i don't know" ahhahahha, this words only applicable between me and my hub. Normally two of us will argue over on what to eat. When i suggest something he don't like,then when ask him what he want to eat, he will said "I DON'T KNOW" Geram!!!!

  17. This is a very true scenario which happen to us everyday.
    #1) I don't like people to be late especially when we already set a meeting time. Then felt like nothing happen and telling us ON THE WAY.
    #2) people here are more paisey to accept compliments. So automatically, they will say 'WHERE GOT'
    #3) HAHA...that happend to us very often. So the best is go to food court where got plenty of choices. hehe

  18. after reading your thoughts on these three phrases, I guess they will never sound the same to me ever again, and perhaps it will make me think twice about using them in future too. haha