Saturday, September 12, 2009

The best i have heard so far...............

Hooray, Firday is here and my wife is already back to my fold and we are gonna have a jolly good evening out further brigthen up the friday, i am gonna talk about something funny in the form of comment someone left in my last post prior to this. I am not gonna tell you who, but look back and check her out, you will be very happy just looking at the pictures of her two beautiful children.

Guess,everyone of us has our own reasons to start to blog, along the way(if we are persistent), there bound to be a lot of mixed feelings some happy, some nasty and with the passion we still move one.............

The blogger that i mentioned above,gave me an idea to talk about in this post when she commented that she has since stop buying and reading magazines when she started blogging and surfing around blog hoping to read others' blogs.......isnt it funny?

So the question that i want to ask is what is/are the activities that you have not been doing since you started blogging, or put in the other way round, how much has blogging taken the toll on your other activitities,,,,,,,,for an instance less sex, less clubbing, less exercise,less this and less that,,what is yours, mind sharing?

Hey, please wait for me, gotta go now, and will sure will visit you guys to say hi and leave comments , luv ya.

P/S : Blogging i like, lying i dislike. Blogging makes sense, cant be counted by dollar and cents


  1. i talk less and go out less since i started blogging. obviously not a good thing. i think i'll become anti-social really soon.

  2. I usually blog by the end of the day, and sometimes it takes much time when I post pictures too.

    Seems I give out my sleeping time to satisfy my urge of blogging

    @ Jen : you should meet and hang out with you blogging friends sometimes ^^
    That'll make the balance hehehe

  3. i love blogging too and happy to have opportunity meet with few blogger, so meet new friends..

  4. hmmm.. my changes is quite a lot.. i think..
    like i used to hide myself from people before, coz i dare not to express my thought too much..

    but with blog now, i just bitch about everything i want there.. hahaha.. kinda release too..

    oh.. and improve my english by reading good english blog, sometimes I read with a dictionary.. =.="

  5. I am not sure if I do less things after starting to blog, Eugene. I get more after blogging.

    I started to feel more motivated to see the world after seeing travelogue and stuff. I go out wif family to eat more after reading foodie blogs. I cook for my family more and more too, trying out recipes from foodie blogs!

    I get more parenting tips from mummy and daddy bloggers...I get less stressful than before, cuz I have some confidants who happens to listen to me venting my problems via emails, chats and also comments!

    I also earn more friends whom i grew fond of...and that includes you, Eugene. I do hope I get to meet you and your family one day... I think we can have a great time... tho I am not particularly fond of beer... LMAO!

    @ Jen... haiyoorrr...hang out wif us bloggers when you got time ma... den wun be anti social liao... =D

    ps: I learn to manage my time better after blogging... no idea why!

  6. I have not been watching tv...nor movies, so I think I have saved a lot ob vcds and dvds...

  7. I haven't been buying any magazines. Hahahahaha!! XX

  8. Yeah! Now that your wife is back you can have a jolly good time again! :)

  9. Hmm...well...since I started blogging..I read less newspaper I guess. Haha :D

  10. Anyway I have just cared for you today bro. Cheers! :)

  11. less stress and more friends...hhhhehehe....:)

  12. less boredom, less loneliness, less study :P

    more happiness, more friends, more knowledge

  13. watch less tv programmes and reading less the newspaper..but fun to blog..

  14. My dear dear complained me after i start blogging i less time with him already! LOL.....

  15. wuahh..i can just blog hop whole day and get annoyed when anyone bothers me. Now, it's worse, I can FB and farm the whole day.. till no time to blog. Now Eugene, don't say I didn't warn you.. just don't get hooked on FB games, it's more addictive than blogging !!!

  16. I'm always looking for something to share with others.. the best things I ever done since I start blogging...:)

  17. I feel closer than ever to friends and uni mates that I've lost touch with before the facebook and blogging age and always look forward to new blog entries from them and rejoice in their lives' best experiences.

    I feel less lonely being in the UK knowing that I have friends who actually care, albeit being online and not physically present but that doesn't make any difference.

    And last but not least I become more 'kepo' but that is already present even before the blogging age so shouldn't really count :P

  18. Blogging is great but one must strikes a balance between the bloggy world and the the real world
    Blogging is time consuming.
    You can't just blog without visiting and giving comments to the blog you love.
    Just like I love your blog but I can't commit to drop by as frequent as previously.
    Normally I will pick the posts I like and continue to read on...
    Happy Sunday to you and your family!

  19. love blogging, can express myself, less stress, but sometimes stress to update blog because dont know how to put it in sentences, you know laa, i'm not very good in english like you guys, anyway, was hoping to have internet connection at home again, so i can blog before going to sleep, very calm at that time to blogging, just love it

  20. Eugene.. i dont have to comment hor.. u know my answer... :)

  21. i become life-less ever since i started blogging, real life-less. no social, no church, no clubbing (which i don't actually), i even become elusive to people on the blogspere worry someone may find out i do have a blog. i spend most of my time on the internet. :) i know its not healthy. i know.....

  22. I became more positive after I started blogging because I told myself to try to write down more positive things instead of ranting (which I still do). I found that by writing positive things I started to think more positively too. And it even helped me cope with being diagnosed with epilepsy at age 41. It helped to write things down. Its therapeutic.

    As with regards the time, I've started to spend a lot less time on my blog now then when I first started. Wow, during the early days, I couldn't help myself from running to the pc every few minutes to check comments. Hahaha. Now, I can even "tahan" to stay away for a few weeks. :)

  23. i started blogging because of a friend! argh! =P

  24. Since I started blogging, I take more pictures and I got to know more people too! I have read less news on the papers... well, it is really depressing to read them mostly.

    I also spend less time out good money saving! hahha!