Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The story continues....and i was a man

Following up on my post dated 21st August of the account of my encounter with one lady which turned out to be more that what i bargained for..........

So from the first lunch we had from Secret Recipes, the lunch dates became more frequent and it was like a ritual that i must carry out, with no apparent reasons. And the topic of conversation over those lunches became more personal and ever more interesting.......She began to open up in areas of which she confided that she felt at ease sharing with me.

So our friendship grew a little deeper from every single lunch date we had, it was always lunch and nothing else up to certain point untill one day she suggested that we should do some evening hanging out in the pubs so that we could enjoy each other's company longer than doing over lunch and i said why not, happy hour after work always sounded very happy for me.

So our first evening outing materialized. So there we were seated at the dimly lit corner with 2 glasses of beer at our expense, as we were sipping away the drink, again we talked about relationship stuff and i told her how much i liked her as a friend and how appreciative i was towards her support given to me in business sense.

And as the music in the pub getting more sentimental, i remember she suddenly popped up this question to me " What if i said i liked you?" and i remember telling her no problem i liked her too
but i took it as if it was platonic, she shrugged me off and asking me the same question again and she was insistent that i answer her as she said it was archaic and out of time for girls not daring to show their feeling.

Sorry folks, i shall finish off the last part of my sharing this friday cos i really dont like long post.

Q) Please wait for me, will ya?

P/S : I dont wish to be Samson


  1. I will definitely wait for you :P

    Looks like she was really interested in this "guy" character in the story. *anticipation*

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  3. thank u for the advice.

    but my "sorry" is for more or less the person that playing "SHE" character in your post. T_T

    I dont know how to deal with that and reduce the damage to the minimum.

    so, pls continue your story. At least i can know what to do..

  4. Part 3 .. cd is not out yet? aiyah.. have to wait friday? no choice.. duduk diam diam tunggu then...

  5. blogger always patience.. and we shall wait for the next episode.. :)

  6. that's the trick. to keep the readers of your blog keep coming to u. heheh...would love to know what's next.

  7. ok..i will wait for the next post hhehehe

  8. Better you finish the story before I think something else hahahaa..

  9. First and foremost,this is not a made-up story,this came about when my Friend Koon challenged me to come clean about being a Man and he reckon that i must have some flaw and not as pure as i potray myself to be, and i told him that i never admitted that i was a saint. so i told him i would write about it,,,but if i dont cut the story into parts, it would be long and i will start sounding like long winded uncle

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  12. I will wait for you. don't worry. hehe.

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  17. i'm patient.
    so don't worry :)

    i guess you will answer yes! :)

  18. Wahhh, wait for your post is like waiting for korean drama to continue la, Eugene.

  19. Hey,

    Who ever you are,please do not comment on the SOPO issues,ya.. i am saying i am not interested in politic but i dont want my blog to be clustered with SOPO comments, i hope you understand,,ya.

    My take for government is, we must be able and be bold enough to make changes for all the betterment.

    thank for dropping by

  20. sudah ready my bangku and wait for ur part.3

  21. ahh still got another part ar??? =_=" how long do i have have to wait for the 3rd part???? :p

  22. keep your "x" in your pants dear, no point to risk your lovely family!

  23. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    You got an interesting blog here! I shall "visit" you more often. :)

    Have a good day!

  24. Takes kacang out and tries to jom best seat for part 3. Its Thursday adi... tapping fingers.... only one more day togo...