Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am as confused as my sons,sigh,,,,,,,

Remember when we were young, playing our "masak masak" (childhood game) syiok syiok we can say " i dontwant to play already" then syiok syiok we can say" ok ok, i can continue to play".
and this is exactly how i feel about our Education Ministry's ways of so called drafting their policy that will have the immense effect upon my children, my friends' children and my friends' friends' children and my neighbour's children and those children that i dont even know.

May be they think, the children all too small and too kind that they can always be treated like guinea pigs, they cannot take their frustration to the street, they cannot form this group or that group to champion their rights, so they (Edu Dept)say never mind, we test this out first lah, if after few years, it cannot work, or the people are furious with our policy,which will put the popularity of the government of the day at stake,then say we can change again lah.

For the last six or (sick)years, we as parents were trying hard to make sure that our children can master the Science and Math subjects in English, and suddenly they came out and telling us this "Sorry folks, this policy is a total failure" we should revert to the previous one. Why is this so. one may ask. Why is the policy that has the utmost importance of our children's future be implemented, scrapped and that's it.

The most funny and bizzare piece of news is that,they conceded that the policy was a failure, and yet they said, we would wait untill year 2012 for the reversion. Looks like a failed policy needs another 1095 days to be made good. Why do they again let our chidren be tagged along with a failed policy for another 3 years?

My poor sons, when they get to secondary level,they will have to brace for another challenge, Math and Science in another medium, another 2 years,another medium is used again. Sorry i forget to stress this, maybe another change of government in the future, will be another change of education policy again.

As general, we all must agree that,the standard of our English language among our children is taking a nose dive faster than we could ever imagine, and with the blur and blurer education policy, our children have more to worry and the parents will have more to be concern.

As far as i am concerned, Education Policy must always have the prime concern for our children's future, we cannot make Education Policy just to please certain group of people, it is for the good of our nation.Even if the education policy is not a popular one but it is good for the children's future, against all odds, we must forge ahead. The government of the day must even wager its political's popularity if the education policy is really good for the children's future, even if it means we can only see the result in 10 or even 20 years from now.

P/S : All i can say is that, they dont really care about us (sorry MJ, i pinjam your line)


  1. Yes.. totally agree wif you.. think about the children.. :)

  2. though my kids are not affected this time, i also groaned with u all...why why why... aren't we supposed to uplift our english language instead of "deproving"?

    the last time my kids were affected was from BM to English in maths and science but during that time, i welcomed the move... but now? sigh....

  3. Yeah. Tell me about it. I was one of those kids a long time ago where they switched everything from English to BM. We had SRP instead of LCE, SPM instead of MCE and STPM instead of HSC. I can still remember our nightmares in Form Six where we could NOT get hold of a single reference book in BM and yet our subject is taught in BM. Nightmare! Nightmare!. No wonder I did so badly...hahahaha..

  4. They shouldn't do that.. make an alternative for parents or students to choose..

  5. main masak-masak..haha..but it's not that funny when it comes to a real thing right!

  6. Yeah, pity the children... have to switch back and forth.... the failure is not from the children, but the children has to 'bear' the consequences. :(

  7. Get politics (and politicians) out of education, stop politicising it! Here, they even get politicians to push their kids into the "better" schools...and the others are left with the leftovers! Once, a few bad hats were suspended...and they went to the Opposition rep here and he got in touch with the ministry....and the school was directed to take them back, tail between the legs! I can go on and on and on... What you people see is just the tip of the iceberg!!!

    Btw, how come nobody has suggested getting rid of that stupid Pendidikan Moral subject that DSAI introduced when he was Minister of Education? And restoring History to what History should be - not studying all that Tamadun crap!!! Peep into your kids' books - I'm sure you'll all be disgusted!

  8. This is our government! We have been sicked with them for so long and they have yet to make any changes! What to do? Pity the kids :(

  9. yes...totally agree with u here. for once, i thought they've come up with the brilliant idea of science and maths in english. then suddenly they throw it away, just like that. and yes, if it's a failure, why wait for another 3 yrs? so, while waiting for the switch, what will the students and teachers feel abt teaching and learning the subjects in english? do they want to continue it, cos they know it will be scraped back. we are indeed ruled by a bunch of morons. they never did any research before implementing anything. very sad indeed.

  10. the million dollar question is, what can we do about it? nothing? just accept and let our kids be their lab rats? Sigh!

    I just cannot understand the education system in this country, and I feel totally helpless as a parent. :(

  11. The gov kept emphasizing the additional hours for English teaching as compensation to the revertion of PPSMI. Totally wrong focus. The focus should be on Science and Maths but it became English. I learnt S&M in Bahasa Melayu during my secondary years and I have to re-pick up the whole thing again in English during my college years. Very unhelpful, and confusing.