Thursday, July 02, 2009

What's wrong with that?

I am not some kind of pervert,sex maniac or woman craze lunatic. I am just a normal man admiring someone nice be it man or woman, someone who i think deserves my looking at, who is worth my eyes flexing more muscles than they normally should. I absolutely have no problem telling the whole wide world,yes i love looking at women, especially those with beautiful, well toned body, great sense of dressing and exude the confidence of exhibiting the great assets, and who dare to show that yes i have the cleavage that even the same sex would drool over.

And i am not gay or homosexual or bisexual,just because i love to look at men who are smart looking, well dressed, well toned body. These are the people who give me the motivation to pump more irons, to watch my weight and to remind me that yes i can be the centre of attention like they do too and who sometimes giving the inspiration to my dressing sense.

By looking at these beautiful people men and women alike, it gives me a nice feeling, compounding my belief that everyone can be beautiful,only those slouch who are too lazy to even giving themselves a chance to look good.

Well, please excuse me if i sounded a little bit furious and flaring my temper like a sniper pulling the trigger to let out the steam, i have a valid reason for my outburst, hear this.

Just yesterday, my second sister was telling me that one of her friends' friend was labelling me as some kind of sex maniac who claimed that i looked at her as if i wanted to devour her, my sister was questioning did i glue my eyes on her friend's friend with the venue and time mentioned to me, i totally have not a single idea who this VICTIM was.

I was furious and i asked my sister to let this girl know, did i in anyway intrude into her privacy, or sending any innuendos that " I want to sex you up". If she does not want to be looked at by any man for that matter, she should veil herself from top to toe.

P/S : Make yourself proud,if you have what makes you proud


  1. lol...
    Maybe she is too "perasan" or too sensitive lah...

  2. hahaha... are u "undressing" her with your eyes???

  3. Tulah, budu ba durang. Sia pun mimang suka tingu benda yang cantik, hehehe. Terutamanya makanan dan sumandak!

  4. you make me laugh... there are ppl who lived in a world of his / her own and thought he / she can really be "invisible"... nvm, at least she noticed you and you make an impact on her thought :)

  5. maybe you had that "humsap" look? LOL! Just kidding ah. I think that it's perfectly fine to admire someone from afar for his/her good looks, but we should not be "caught" when we are giving the admiring look. It's a skill this one. As my mummy thought me, "It's rude to stare!" :D

  6. I am like you - I like looking at nice, good looking men and women. They are eye candy to me : )

    As for the girl, I think she's too sensitive. But are you sure you didn't look at her with saliva dripping out of your mouth? Haha! *juz kidding*

  7. Well Eugene, we are humans. As humans we have our needs. Looking at the curvaceous body of a woman is not a sin. It never has been or else God wouldn't have created such beautiful creatures called "women". I admire them too, and I'm always amazed at how those curves and voluptuosness always never fails to attract men.

    Even if you were to be attracted to a man's body, so what? Some people believe they're angels. I believe in being myself, and I believe that you do too.

    To be fair, women look at men with six packs and neatly cut hair. Just take off your shirt and go to the beach...