Friday, May 29, 2009

Not a cul-de-sac........

Well, thanks for the concern folks, we are alright now, we talked, we hugged, we made love and we made up. Like the norm or part and parcel of marriage life, we argued, we got a little carried away, we "cold-war", but the most important thing is we both know first of all, we love each other and family always comes first.

We never will take things to a dead end, all arguments should not be driven to cul-de-sac, marraige is not a bed of roses, it comes with some torns in between, we cant hate the one we love. She has her reasons to be angry, i understand, i have my reasons to get angry, she understands, at the end of the line, we both know, we love each other dearly.

She cant be all that i want in a wife and i cant be all that she wants in a husband, and that what makes it special in a relationship or in a marriage, we accomodate, we make ourselves a wharf for the tired captain to rest, we house each other's goodness to overlooking our weaknesses.

She was to one i fell in love with and she will be the one i keeping falling in love with, she might not be the perfect wife but then again i am not a perfect husband either.

P/S : I dont say "i love you" for nothing


  1. i know u will make up.. just a matter of time only .. hehee... weekend is coming.. so make it special ..

  2. Live life to the fullest!
    Especially when we've found our soulmate. Cheers bro!

  3. Hi there..Visiting u :-D

    Your post make me smile..Thinking of me and my hubby.. ^_^ ... we all are the same!!! No way to run...

  4. Hey dude! nothing new in this world, your story just like my story, next time don't go out drink me and we can "complain" together.

    Have a great day, man!

  5. at last an ugly n not so positive content in ur blog..Eugene. Not meant to humiliate but that just proof the point that u , too indeed live in "reality" like all other married couples...and not living in fairy tales like ur blog contents alway sound! Dnt wrry bro..glad things are OK nw..I'm sure u have finally made up & made_ _ _ _. wink!

  6. hey eugene, glad you and mrs. eugene are okay now, phewww ~

    at times, small argument makes the relationship closer :)

  7. Hello....
    Can we be frineds...
    Do drop my blog...

  8. life's like dat lah.. sometimes its nice, sometimes its not.. sometimes she's nice, sometimes she's not, sometimes you're nice, sometimes you're not.. so... just learn to live it! glad dat everything's alrite now! :)

  9. The path of true love never doth run smooth...

  10. *smile* it is the ups and downs of a married life. But as long as we can make is still in the air. Happy to read your entry *winks*

  11. hye..
    thanks follow ma blog..
    feel free to come again..

  12. sounds like me & my hubby, hahaha, we fight n we make up... same same lah =P

  13. Glad you both made up. =D