Monday, March 30, 2009

When my young is chicken poxed......

My youngest son Marvell was down with chicken pox since last Friday,and he would have to skip classes i was told it was going to be about a week or so, and he is not at all happy for having to skip classes for Marvell is a kind of boy who loves going to school.

As far as i am concerned, chicken pox is one funny disease that can bring so many sweet memories to me, i remember when i had chicken pox as a young boy, i was refrain from doing so many things.

I had to wear long overall, i could not be exposed to sun, to rain and to dews, i could not eat chicken, that any kind of foods that were seasoned with black soya sauce, i must not look at all things black because if i did, i would grow up having black spots all over my body. And my mother would caution me that if i broke the taboos, i would marry someone ugly when i grow up, and with all my vanity, i followed all the "DONTS" with utmost obedience.

Unlike Marvell, i did enjoy my days of having chicken pox simply because i could skip school for about two weeks, back then,if you absent from school,you didnt have to do all the homeworks during your absence.

When our youngs are sick,one love is so evidently manifested. there is the love of a mother,just look at my wife,she could be so busy looking after Marvell,and she would make sure that she cooks all the foods for Marvell, and she would wake up in the middle of the night to make sure that Marvell is well and have no problem sleeping. Thank you dear for your patience and your love towards the children, i appreciate it

If you have any funny chicken pox strories or any absurd taboos, please share with us, it is good to relive those memories.

P/S : Get well soon Marvell, papa and mommy are here to tender to you


  1. bro...nowadays there are vaccine avail for chicken pox. You may want ot check with the doc if your other kid haven't got it yet. Better to prevent it as it can cause shingles. btw, i got mine at 30... and it's tough. Better to have it as a kid.

  2. hope marvel gets well soon! He looks just likes u lah!

    Regarding the tag, take ur time ya, cheers :)

  3. Get well soon, to your son.

    Your chicken pox experience as a child is so funny. Our parents did have many superstitious beliefs a long time ago. hehehe

    The only thing I remember about having chicken pox is that my 2 brothers had it at the same time I had. I loved the short vacation, it was fun. My best friend at that time let all my classmates sign a card and gave it to me. That was so sweet.

    Thanks for the good read and for visiting my page.

  4. hi Eugene, thanks for your kinds words and advice.

    i love your blog photo with the family pic on it. i'm sure you wife and kids will be very proud with a dad like you who blogs about the family.. most of the bloggers I know are women who blogs about family.

    hope your son recovers from Chic Pox soon.

  5. gee, marvel is so cute. he looks happy although he's having chicken pox. wishing him speedy recovery!

  6. I hope Marvel gets soon too. I remember having chicken pox when I was in school, was so happy that I didn't need to go to school for 3 weeks. Those were the days. Btw there's a tablet he can take to minimize the chicken pox.

  7. ok, do not look at anything black??? dat's a funny one.. hahahhaha.. but luckily u followed all the taboos..just look at ur wife! she's a pretty n kind lady.. if u had break the taboo, who knows what kind of a lady u gonna have as a wife? :D

  8. Oh poor boy. Is he getting lots of discomfort? Hope he get well soon.

    I never have any chicken pox before. When I know that there is vaccine available for chicken pox about 10 yrs ago, I quickly went to take it. Nowadays children are given chicken pox vaccine at 1.5 yrs old.

  9. wow! Eugene junior! Look very alike!

  10. good thing he gets it now than when he grows up.. mama's saying is .. get them when young, easier to take care.. more sun foo if at older age. yes, will take a week or so, meanwhile, watch tv, play computer to distract him from scratching to avoid pock marks later on.. :)
    this is the time to be pampered,.. get well Marvel-lous!

  11. Hey Marvel, get well soon. Remember, don't scratch and put lots of chalomile lotion. You will only get poxed once. Aunty Jessie

  12. ooooo.....chicken pox. i missed those days when i was king at home :)

  13. Wah, chicken pox! *grinz* I loved chicken pox as a child, because my mom and dad allowed me to stay at home for 3 weeks. LMAO.... very syiok oh!