Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The power of a deceased beauty

When i read the news about the 3 impending by elections with all the hullabaloos and with the Malaysia's new record (15 candidates in one by election) being achieved, i was further amused with this piece of news. The authority concerned has issued a conditional police permit barring the campaingers from using the name of Altantuya, (the murdered Mongolian beauty) during their political speeches.

As if we have not done enough to make ourselves a laughing stock,and with this kind of refrain, i guess the world over will be more entertained by this Malaysia made farce. One just cant find a rational, acceptable,logical and reasonable excuse for the authority concerned to issue such a funny order.

You may ask,what has this murdered mongolian beauty named Altantuya got to do with our Malaysia's domestic affairs, and i think the answer can never be found,lest we squeeze our brain juice to find the answer or anwers for we are being barraged with too many bad news already such as all the economy gloom.

We can only pray that justice be done on earth as it is in heaven.

If you ask me personally, i would say one should not be there for too long in power,lest it will become too powerful, too corrupt, too unreasonable and too crazy, therefore sometimes CHANGE will do us good.

P/S : RIP Altantuya,,,,


  1. pity her.. imagine ...just imagine how frightened she was then.... when i visualized the scene, i really felt for her...

  2. really hope justice is done! may the evil ones will be punished.

  3. yes RIP...

    i cant stand our m'sian politics too!