Friday, March 06, 2009

Today's for the children....Friday's here

Time sure travels fast, doent it? With a blink of an eye, we have entered into another Friday and the weekend is here again, it is time to remember that no matter how bad or how tough the week has been, we must learn to let go and size ourselves up and to be happy again.

May be just one day in a week, you really owe yourself a day to be happy, it is good for the body and soul, and as usual i hope i can bring you some cheers with the following quiz that i have come up with.

1)what is the one thing you think you have not given or done enough for your children?

2) If your son were to be a famous frontman in a heavy metal group,what would be the one thing,you'd advise him to refrain from, besides sex and drug ?

3)what would be the next best analogy you'd give to your children apart from "honey and the bee" when explaining about sex?

4)If your child asks you to do just one crazy thing from him/her, what would you do?

5)What would your first reaction be, when you see your child blowing a condom into a ballon?

6)How would you explain yourself,when you're caught watching porn by your child?

7)What is your favourite phrase when you are scolding your children?

8)What is the best money advice,you would want your children to inherit?

9)What you do if your child says this to you " my boyfriend is a girl or My girlfrined is a boy?

10)what is just one thing you think your children dislike about you?

P/S : Cheer up or get drowned with sorrrow


  1. woooiii..Eugene..why always Friday give us test and more test??? as for me, me lazy to crack brain esp thinking of how my child would react when i watching haha.. put it this way.. how i would react when i catch him watching porn instead of me.. oh gosh, i never tot of that.. i think my bloood will shoot up and get high blood pressure that very moment... goodness knows what will happen after that..
    wei..let me relax la..eugene...

  2. I'll try to answer la Eugne..hehhe

    1. I'm not married so I owe this answer heehe..

    2. Dont mess up ur hair!!, no Tatto!! heheh

    3. Again..I owe u this answer hehhe

    4. Ride a motorcycle w/o helmet and 'no hand' hehehe..I cant if imagine my nephew asked me someday..

    5. I dont know..not yet a parent. but I think I'll get mad

    6. Explain to him/her..i can watch it when u turn to 21 heheh

    7. What made u think u can do that?

    8. Money is not everything but can 'be ' everything..hehehe

    9. Thats must be something wrong abt me..hehhee..

    10. My silences


  3. LOL... I love Friday these days, Eugene, my good bro. I've answered it in my blog, hope you dun mind reading it there. =D

  4. There's nothing that can help you understand your beliefs more than trying to explain them to an inquisitive child.

    You have fun and a pleasant weekend, best regards, Lee.

  5. serious questions for friday lah...

    supposed to unwind...

    anyway, for the sake of brothehood 8P, i'll answer a few of them:
    2. greed and pride
    3. daddy and mommy?! haha
    6. this is art...
    7. now is 'don't touch' , 'no'...
    8. save n save n save...then spend on daddy n mommy...haha