Friday, March 06, 2009

Cut Cut Here, Cut Cut There, Cut Cut Everywhere..

My lovely wife told me yesterday that her company's top management was toying with the ideas of some cost saving measures, which if it does happen, will some ways affects everyone in the organisation. With the current economy predicament, i guess a lot of companies are doing their best to stay afloat, and this is the best time for us to buck up and everyone will have to do more than they are expected of to help the company to survive.

Even my two boys are aware of the current economy situation, and they are playing their little part too to help to save our house-hold expenses, for instance they have learnt not to use water heater too often, they turn off all the lights when they are not in use, the usage of air-con has been greatly reduced. And as a parent, i need to do more to set a good example, my wife and i have agree to cut down our entertainment expenses on which we mostly spend on bingeing on beer, i guess it has to work both ways, so bye bye Tiger and Heineken

Some crazy cut costing measures by a company that i have read about is that there is this company issuing company's directive to all staff to follow the following measures.
1) each staff will be given only a roll of toilet paper for a month, instead of the toilet paper hanged in the toilet for unlimited usage.

2) staff are not supposed to recharge their handphone batteries in the office.

3)staff are not allowed to bring in their individual radio or cd player to the office.

4)strickly no private calling via company phones, if traced double the amount used will be fined.

5) Beverages supplied by the company will be cut into half, once finished the next shipment comes ony next month

And the most absurd cost cutting measure i got to know is this, all those cost cutting measures will only affect the lower rung employees, those in the managerial positions and above, everything else is status quo. That is what i call Double Standard Cost Cutting. Just like our politicians, when toll hikes, electricity bill increase, they say no choice, sure they can say that, they dont have to pay ma....

If you have heard or read about any funny cost or austerity measures impose by any companies, please share with us, ya?

P/S : Let us feel the pressure together


  1. recently my fren's husband has to work only 4 days instead of 5 and no more overtime too.. so pay cut and no overtime means almost a quarter pay less... than those days.

    another case.. my son told me that in his office, the management only supply pen and pencils, other stationeries like liquid paper, ruler, calculator, rubber.. all sendiri berhad one.. haha...
    toilet paper.. of course sendiri juga..

  2. ask him to where his underwear 4times before wash!

  3. my company lagi chisin..everytime we go to the washroom, we need to get the toilet paper from the housekeeper and each person is only granted with 2 pcs of toilet paper