Saturday, March 21, 2009

I will survive for Friday's here

It has been a long and busy week for me, i worked so hard for work and started going to the gym, so eager to sculpture my body to the likes of Aaron Kwok and Rain. (give me one month, i will post my new reborn body for you guys to see,hahahaha, and Lloyd (my gym partner told me i could do it in a month's time)

And before i knew it, the weekend is here and Friday will sure bring out the funny antics of mine, so lets do something glittering and full of Hollywood's feel thise weekend as far as my friday's quiz is concerned.

1) We have from Hollywood Spiderman and Batman, and from Malaysia we have Cicakman,what can you come out with the Malaysia's version of Wonder Woman?

2)Why do you think Paris Hilton wanted to be a celeb despite her fortune from her Hilton's wealth ?

3)If you were to be asked to come out with another "Reality Show", what would it be?

4)In your opinion,do you think Pamela Anderson can be famous without her voluptious asset?

5)How many celebs can you name who used the names of food as their performing names ?

6)If Badawi were to make a block buster movie, what should he name this show?
My take : "Kepala Terbabas" movie location Kepala Batas

7)If Najib were to make it big in Hollywood,what glamourous name should he embrace?
My take : Bomb Lagi, taking the cue from Bon Jovi

8) In the US we have Hollywood, in India we have Bollywood, in Malaysia what ___wood,please fill in the blank?
My take is : Bolehwood,what's yours?

9)Which two Malaysian's politicians are most suitable in carrying out this part in the "Titanic" You Jump, I jump ?

10)Give a try for this finale.What is the famous song that you'd suggest Badawi to sing for Najib at the handling over ceremony?
My take is : 1) Bye Bye love, Bye Bye Happiness, hello loneliness, i think i'm gonna to cry,aaaa 2) Shout to your heart,you're to blame, you gave love a bad name.(Bon Jovi)

P/S : Chill friday's here and you deserve to let your hair down and hang loose.


  1. hahaha...

    I also like Bolehwood there..LOL!

    In a month can get 6 pack like Rain?!
    Which gym la?

  2. six-pack? u using the hollywood body costumes isit? hahahahah.. hope u can really have a six pack by the end of a month..

    my mind's not functioning nicely these week.. so.. no answers to ur wacky ques... :(

  3. LOL... bro... this time it's really crackin. As usual, i'm gonna answer it lata in my blog. =.=

  4. clef, i'll try my hand at answering your questionaires thru my blog. tgif...cheers mate and god bless :)

  5. I hope u r able to realize ur goals of sculpting ur body. Good Luck!

    I have removed the followers widget from my blog and installed the friend connect one instead. Perhaps you would like to join me on google friend connect.

  6. One month can sculpt a body like Rain? Unless you almost have a body like that now, if not, that would be an amazing accomplishment! : )

    Btw, thanks for 'following' me : )