Monday, March 23, 2009

For the first time, listen to your heart....

It is a kind of religious routine for me to take my whole family to Borders bookstore and while away the whole Saturday afternoon in Starbucks reading books or browsing through magazines,i have found it to make more economical sense than buying books over a Grandis Caremel and a piece of cake from Starbucks.

During my little soujorns in Starbucks aka Borders i have met some interesting people and my presence there had acquainted me with the baristas of Starbucks' and when ordering i would just call them by their names and shared some light jokes with them while waiting for my orders to be delivered. Sometimes being nice to others it will reap some goodies for you too,simply because people would just like to treat those who are nice to them in the first place well.

Friends also can be made and interesting conversations can be heard too. Over the last Saturday, was there as usual, a grandis of Caremel was no exception and a piece of cheese cake to complement a afternoon of a family reading outing. Met a regular couple that i knew from there, walked over exchanged greeting and some light conversation ensued, the conversation was punctuated with my sons wooed me over to sit with them.

As i was leaving Starbucks and calling it a day, i walked over to this couple,with the intention to say bye,some how or rather,i sat down and another interesting conversation began to surface.
The lady was lamenting and telling me how boring her life was, how her day ins and day outs became so stale and what not. I like this couple friends and talking to them has always been a breeze so it was not a problem for me to share my thoughts with them, i told her to get involved with some sports, may be to a start a blog or to learn something new.

From the conversation that i had with them, suddenly a question popped up in mind as i bid my farewell to them. The question that was so strong for me that i really wanted to share with you.
The question that bothered me goes like this " When Was The Last Time You Did Something Nice For or To Yourself, For The First Time? "

You see we can come up with an armoury of excuses to deny ourselves of something we really wanted to do that would make us feel happy about ourselves,but somehow we always get eluded by those silly excuses, dont we? We told ourselves that we wanted to go to the gym, we wanted to learn salsa,pole dancing, learn something new or whatever not but we always end up whining and complaining that we cant do this because of this , this ,that . that and this this again.

There was once, i heard my friends said, how they wanted to see what they woud look like if they had their heads shaven bald, but they never did, so i took that challenge and i had my head shaved clean bald for the first time and i felt so proud of myself. I ran my first half marathon, despite knowing that i did not train enough for it, i ran and i managed to finish well below the alloted time, and i was proud of myself again, and this time i will train for a full marathon and i vow to make it FOR THE FIRST TIME.

I am stil learning the art of treating myself well, and suddenly i came to know that there was just one thing that i had left idle for a long time, my guitar and i wanted to get back to it and rekindle the love i had for it FOR THE FIRST TIME, to play it again.

P/S: Open that door and breathe a new scent of air, for you truly deserve it


  1. " When Was The Last Time You Did Something Nice For or To Yourself, For The First Time? "

    I really attracted with that question...I don't know if I even have the answer Uncle...

  2. hello bro! thats a really tough question there... frankly, its been ages since i've done something good for myself. i don't exactly remember if there was such a time. however, my present situation now is a step going in that direction only it is not only myself now but with my kids this time... this post kinda opened my eyes to that reality. i hope that there will come a time sometime soon that i will be able to do the things that i used to love doing before. like you, i also play the guitar and some percussion instruments. i too hope that i can go back to playing my instruments soon. ciao!

  3. I'm passionate about dogs so I try to donate whenever I can to a good cause, eg: SPCA, indepedent pet rescuers and malaysian dogs deserve better foundation so for me, that's the nicest thing I can do for myself since I love dogs :)

  4. Ahahahaha.... bro... I did something nice for myself today. I happened to be in one of those 'I need to love myself a little bit more' mood today, and went for a haircut and pampered myself at the salon for a quiet 3 hours. LMAO.

  5. Hi Lady, you're a warm hearted lady and you make someon's day making friends, being a good listener.

    You 'll be surprised how many people are lonely, need someone to talk to.

    Give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.
    As well, a smile confuses an approaching frown.

    And people seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.

    You keep a song in your heart and have a pleasant week, best regards, Lee.

  6. I think ladies will do something nice to themselves better than men.... I always will!.


  7. hmm..i think i treated myself well - went for sports, massage, buy toys for myself ..etc.

  8. friends are important in our life

  9. u r definitely in trouble as Unc Lee regards u as a LADY!!!

    anywhere.. how to listen to my heart? it is in MUTE at the moment.. :)

  10. I cant remember what is the last time everything I did good to myself...

  11. I think I must start learning on how do treat myself better or do something nice for myself...

    but I so stingy wor...
    I must learn!!!

  12. To me, do something nice for myself is having my personal time to things that I want to do. I'm glad that hubby always help to make up the time for me by help taking care the kids or household chores. And I'm thankful for that. :)