Friday, December 19, 2008

The day i lost a Sister..............

If there is one thing my father said that has strong bearing and influence in my life is this."Blood is thicker than water" even untill today it is the same that i instill in my two boys that cliche.
But things dont play out as well as i wanted it to be in my own life, serioulsy i dont know why, i have played my part as a brother to my siblings but most of time it is not reciprocal. If there is one regret that i harbour, this should be it.

Well i have not been on talking term with my eldest sister,lest keep in touch for about 2 months now,it all started because i was not in agreement with her stand as far as her marriage fiasco is concerned, i couldnt sync with her action nor could i accept her reasons. Well,i guess it doenst really matter now, we are all adults and we should be held 100 % responsible from our own actions.

I dont want to talk about her divorce,what grinds me to sadness is i have indeed lost a sister the moment my wife showed me the sms on her mobile from my eldest sister that contained innuendos in the form of instigating or to cause a strain in my relationship with my wife,(asking my wife not to trust me of that sort) once i read the sms,i knew i had to distant myself from her in order to protect my family, not that i hava anything to hide from my wife but i just didnt want my wife to be entangled in our problems.

If you ask me, do i love my eldest sister, without hesitation i can safely say i do, infact i love all of my siblings but due to certain circumstances, i lost a sister.

Among all my siblings, my eldest sister is the one that i love the most, and i sincerely hope she has found the right one to spend the rest of her life with, and that someone will go through thick and thin with her.

May be she will read my blog, may be she will not but today being the 18th of December, i want to wish her "Happy Birthday " to my dearest sister , may your days ahead be filled with joy and love, and sincerely i want to say "i love you" you might not want to rekindle, but i just want you to know, i really do.....i hope i will find you once again.

Wish my father was alive today so that he could once again whip us with that fact "Blood is thicker than water"

P/S. All the Best to you


  1. 爱别人胜于自己,如果是错的,也是因为他/她们不是对的人。


  2. patience my friend. pray for me constantly. i always believe that god will answer prayers. it may not be now, it may not be next year, or for another 10 years. but love always wins. i humbly think that you should sms or send her a birthday card to show your love. one day she will realize and you will get back the bond that you have always prayed for. i'll pray for you bro...cheers and god bless.....

  3. after reading your post today bro. i came to realize that you did not lose your sister... it was your sister who lost a brother. we may have all the differences in this world and we might not even see eye to eye in more ways than one, but our unconditional love encompasses all the differences we have. i suggest bro and i perfectly agree with calvin that you should sms her on her special day. after all, its the season of christmas and let us use this very important occassion to reconcile not with our differences, because whats been said has been said and you and your sister cannot undo that, let time heal all your differences, but reconcile because you and your sister are family. just take away all the pride, try to do this because it is the right thing to do. and i'm willing to bet you a million that this would also be the wishes of your dad if he were alive today. or at least try to do it for the sake of the great values your dad has imparted to you. God bless you bro. ciao!

  4. One of the greatest things to do in life is to rekindle friendship and kinship. So, do it bro!

  5. I wish u and your sister the best and hope that things work out well for u both. I'm sure love and family will prevail.
    On a separate note - hey u have a new pic in your header?! Nice new hairstyle? :-))

  6. hope that things work out well for both of you.

    God Bless you bro.