Friday, November 14, 2008

My son the super achiever....

Went to pick my son yesterday, coincidentally it was the D day for the primary 6 students, their final government endorsed examination result was out. Shuffled through the crowd of parents,the only apparent comment flying in the air this particular day was" How many As did your child get?"

I am not being hypocrite,i would want my son to score straight As as well,but the questions that always remain in my mind is that, does my son know why he needs to score straight As? what would be the repercussion if he achieves anything less than that? will scoring straight As make him a happier boy?Is going to school only for scoring straight As or for learning?or even because my parent want me to score straight As, so i do it for them?

I gave it some thoughts for a whole day,and i know these questions are important as far as my son is concerned and i need to find out the answers.So i decided to talk to my son about scoring straight As.(he will be sitting for the said exam next year)

I asked him "son, do you want to score straight As next year?, he was dumbfounded to my questions,no respond from him for a while and as i waited he finally answer it meekly "yes", and then i asked further"why do you want to score straight As?" this time he was like lost for words. That last question of mine resulted in a long pause in our conversation. I said to him " look son,you really need to find out why you want to score straight As in your exam,and remember it is not for anyone's sake but it is for you and you only. When you have the reason for it,i bet you will achieve that result without feeling being pressured"
I reassured him that i would always be there to guide him to achieve what he set out to do and he must be willing to put in the effort, but most of all i would want him to do it happily.

As for me,i know every child has the ability to excel,given the right guidance and motivation. I personally talked to one parent about her son,she was complaining how poor the son is, and how an underachiever son going to be, i seeked her permission to let me tutor her son for free together with my son every Tue and Thur, and i told her that i would prove to her that her son is not stupid at all, and she gladly agreed.

I will seek my son's reasons for achieving straight As over the weekend and my wife and i will work out a plan to help him to fullfill his heart's desires, i really want my son to feel that school life is a happy one and he can excel and being happy at the same time.

I believe when i sit down with my son and his friend beginning next week,my only objective is to guide them to realize their potential,along the way to give them what they need the most,that's confidence. To tell them that they need to set goals and be willing to follow through,and at the end of the day, to tell them to taste the sweetness of their success from the hardwork.

P/S, Every child is a super achiever, if he believes he is........


  1. tat's a beautiful thing to do.

    ur son is lucky.

  2. Hi eugene,

    Thanks for dropping by. And you are doing it right with your son. Most of us, went to school because we were forced to do so. Very few lucky individuals like your son were made to understand why we need to do what we did. Many times, the love of wanting to do will reap better result rather than doing it blindly.

    Cheers mate! :)

  3. ya, i do agree with u..every children are smart in their own way if we are willing to put some time and effort on them...even though they didnt get straight As in the UPSR exam, that doesn't means they are not smart right??? A lot of successful person are not a straight As scorer when they are in school right? I just want my son to get the best result he can but of course it's good if he can get straight As ~ lol...

  4. thank you so much bro. the feeling is mutual. there are a lot of friends out here in the blogosphere, but seldom will you find somebody who will show so much concern to fellow bloggers, you the one exception bro. i'm so sad at the death of my friend but then, come to think of it, he really didn't passed away... he just went home to our Maker. i really can't say that i am happy with the way my life is turning out to be now, but one thing is clear to me, i have never regretted anything that happened in my life so far. i still feel blessed inspite of the trials and tribulations that i am experiencing now. like i said, i may not have all the reasons as to why all these has to happen, but faith is telling me to just believe and leave everything in our Lord's hands. thanks for everything bro. ciao!

  5. That's a good thought. I would pose the same question to my son too (when he reached that age la...) :)