Saturday, November 29, 2008

Making it all worthwhile

I was nudged into the realm of unfulfilled promises that i had made beginning of this year as i suddenly realized that the year 2008 is fast and furiously drawing down its curtain, reminiscing the past 11 months or so, i could only say that yes there were pledges that still remain unfulfilled.

As a responsible dad,i know whatever resolutions that i am going to make for year 2009 must have the interest of my family as my priority besides that i too must have something allocated for me and certain part of it must be for me and my wife.

For one, i must work even harder next year to bring my company from red to black (if you know what i mean), secondly i must spend even more time with my sons especially the eldest one for soon he will be a teen in his own right, thirdly i will for sure participate in 2009 Penang Bridge
Marathon, and lastly i will love my wife even more and more.

P/S : Let bygones be bygones, let today be the beginning of great tomorrow


  1. makes me reflect on the things that i still have to do before the year comes to a close... great reminder bro and thank you. ciao!

  2. I have many promises that are left unfulfilled as well! Gosh! I am giving myself too many excuses :( However, like what you said, we couldn't look back. I believe year 2009 will definitely be a better year, right?

  3. *sigh* I dun really do resolution, because I know it'll end up empty promises to myself. I just try to live like there's no tomorrow, and try to make my day better than yesterday. :-( Pathetic...

  4. i still have mountain of lists that have been fufilled..TT