Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black or White

I read with utmost disgust that they are coming down hard on "tomboys" to curb the spread of this so called unhealty social"epedemic." as said these "tomboys" will be rehabilited to reform them to their original self.

Why are they doing this to this so called "minority", do they really think by forcing them to dress more like a lady,thus they will become one, if this notion can be established then it is easy to make black to white.

Please leave them alone,they have the right to find a little place in our society,they need to be respected,they are not serial rapists,they are not exitbitionists,they are not perverts and most of all they do not need to be reformed.

Let them be, these "tomboys" are just like you and me,they too want to fend for themselves,if being a "tomboy" does not hurt or incriminate others then why cant they be just like you and me.

If religion is what they are talking about then they really should come down even harder to those who are corrupt,who use their power and money to victimize others to satisfy their own selfish desires. They can blow up people, and can make people dissappear, now tell me who is more dangerous.

P/S: for God doest not discriminate but men do,that's when problems burgeon


  1. They made it sound like it's a crime or offence kan. How do they think by placing a rule can change em

  2. one word to sum it all up.....brainless!!!

  3. i don't think that government can do something about this "social epidemic", if you can call it at that. this is not some kind of disease which one can get anywhere. it is freedom of choice and i think the better peception from government is to just accept the fact that they too are members of your society and as such entitled to all the rights appertaining to an able bodied citizen of your country. we must likewise learn to respect them not for what they have become but rather what they are as person's. why can't people just learn to accept them. here in the philippines, they are all over the place and i think that society has learned to co-exist with them. nice post bro. how was the weekend? wishing you a pleasant and problem-free week ahead. ciao!

  4. not only tat. now they ban yoga....
    i can only geleng kepala.

  5. How would they define a tomboy anyway? Different people have different opinions on tomboys

  6. there are much more important stuffs to do, why not do more to curb crimes and improve the economy, than all these ...erm...stuffs?