Friday, October 10, 2008

what used to be is not supposed to be.....

There is a favourite cantonese old cliche "三岁定八十“ which simply means, a child's characters that were moulded at the age when he was 3 , will determine his life untill he is eigthy, and i always thought this saying was so true, untill a friend of mine told me the otherwise.

He said this saying could only have bearing on a child's life many decades ago, when a child's life untill his teen hood through to his adulthood did not see the advent of tecnology inventions like what we are experiencing now. He argue further that we could indeed instill certain good qualities in a child when he is young, but as he grows older, his characters will once again need to be moulded, if not the good or bad of technological influences will creep upon their lives.

He took sex for an example, we could tell our child that sex is pure, but the internet might be showing the other side of it, and as parents if we are adamant that the good values that we instilled in them at the age of 3 still steadfast, then we are wrong, he said to me. In fact, we should as parents continue to instill good values in our children untill the days we kick the buckets.

Now, so many teenagers are so keen to have their "acts" taken and uploaded in the internet, and so many so called interative websites are there to entice our children to go onboard, and please dont scold our children for MSNing , and telling them "last time where got MSNing, we only had pen pals "

The more i think of what my friend said, the more i tend to agree with him, time has changed indeed, and it will continue to do so whether we like it or not. Parents have to change too, we have to move with time, we have to arm ourselves with the latest, if we cant do that, at least we must be at par with the later.

We must be circumspective of the changes around us, what's good, what's bad from the internet we must learn to know. We cant tell our children" you know last time. papa was like this, like that, last time we didnt have internet, we could still be ,,, blah blah blah blah anymore"

P/S. after all that have been said, i still believe LOVE will conquer all


  1. Ya, agree, Internet really changes the way we do things. Hi, Got your link from cleff.

  2. exactly. media has a vast influence on us, particularly on children.

  3. things gotta change and we have to change too.
    in line with ur 3yo determines 80yo in chinese, i will say this

    we gotta 与时并进

  4. I agree with your friend too. Anyway, I'm alright because I had my parents and church to guide me.

  5. Bro. it's really not easy applying theory to practice is it? i mean can u really condone all these for ur kids?

  6. change is inevitable...

    there is so much a parents need to do but there isnt much a parents can do!

  7. The good and bad influence will always be and could not be avoided. I believe the basic setup is from parent. I agree with your last line that is "LOVE will conquer all".

  8. love will conquer all eugene? hehe!! its depends on the person how he sees LOVE..