Monday, October 13, 2008

Of infedelity and AIDS

You promised to love her alone, you said you would stay faithfull and be loyal, she beliveved you, she loved you too, and through health and sickness, she would stick with you. For so many years of marriage, you changed, you forgot the pledge you made, you couldnt resist temptation and enticement, so you did what you were not supposed to do, and you cheated on her far too many times.....

You had your flings outside, without knowing the peril that came along with it. She was submissisve to your needs everytime despite how badly you treated her. Then one day you fell sick, i mean real sick, after rounds of medical check-ups, it was confirmed that you had contracted AIDS, it startled you, at the advice of the doctor, she had to go through the AIDs screening too, she got IT too.

She got AIDs not because she was bad, she got it simply because she was wife, and she had no choice because she trusted you that you would not cheat on her, and yet you did. Because of your infedelity, a life is ruined, a dream is shattered and a heart is broken.

Temptation and enticement lurks everywhere, it is easy to fall prey, because we are only human, but when God gave us wisdom, then we should be wise to tell the difference. I pray everday my mind is stronger than my body.

Love your family, do the right things, temporal enjoyments will not produce lasting fullfillment, dont let minutes of esctasy bring about scores of calamity to our family.

Sex is nice, but sex with the wrong kinds will ruin your life.

P/S. If infedelity comes with a price of your loved ones, are you willing to pay for it?


  1. Sometimes, Eugene, infertility also caused more than one life. It does not only effect the spouse, but also the child she's carrying. Some men... *shakes head* never thinks of the consequences of their action. Why is it so hard for men to fend off bitches and stay devoted? Does it kill them if they stay faithful to their wife? To love and to hold... is it so hard to do? Being a wife myself, I can only pray that my husband will be loyal and if i ever to find out that he's fucking someone else, just because he want to fool around... well, let's just say help me God, because I WILL make his life a living hell.

  2. Sorry, I meant 'infidelity*. good tired that i could not write properly. Anyway, nice entry and reminder to couple to be faithful to one another. i'll see you around, Eugene. Take care. :-D

  3. All couples need to be reminded about this A.I.D.S issue. Always. They need to be reminded everyday. The devil is everywhere. Hanya keimanan seseorang yang dapat menyelamatkannya dari hasutan Syaitan laknatullah.

  4. good post. our society is destroying itself. I think not only couples need to be reminded of AIDS, people my age as well a.k.a young people.

  5. nice post bro. very timely and relevant nowadays when morals of people are slowly eroding. it pays to have wisdom, to know the right from wrong and truly our God is so good that aside from giving us the gift of wisdom, He included in the package the gift of FAITH. in all the things that we do, think and say, whether it is right or wrong, we always seem to find the reasons to justify our actions and sometimes we get caught redhanded... we just can't find all the reasons anymore and thats were our faith comes into the picture. WHERE REASON ENDS, FAITH BEGINS. thanks for the reminder bro. have a blessed
    week ahead.

  6. Infidelity..
    how come during ancient days, no AIDS ah? or maybe they have, they didn tknow what it was then...
    anyway, good post here... hope all men and women alike.. think first before emotions take over..

  7. sigh. so sad to hear of stories like these.

    "It'll never happen to me" that's something you hear too often.

    i think i staying single forever now.

  8. Eugene..i tot u never ask..haha.. sure i can teach u how to go about it.. where can we chat online? difficult to run here and there chasing for yr messages.. u must sit quietly here with me then i teach u step by step..boleh? bila?
    if u want u can add me in msn..
    i m online mostly in the evenings but tonite, i got to attend a funeral..i can be on after 10pm..